Master’s of the Universe

Kobra Khan here is a member of Skeletor’s Evil Warriors from the Master’s of the Universe (MOTU) toy line. Nowadays a lot of people probably remember this series by the name of it’s hero He-Man rather than it’s actual name. This particular version of Kobra Khan is part of what has become known as the 200X line. The Master’s of the Universe figures first came about in the early 80s which is when I was introduced to them. The line was a huge success for a couple of years but as with many toy lines as the years go by, the toys start to suck, people lose interest and the line gets cancelled. Mattel tried to reboot the property in the late 80s with more of a sci-fi element but it was lame and no one cared.

Then in 2002 they relaunched it again with a wicked new cartoon influenced by Japanese animation and a dynamic new toyline. This figure is from that line which ran for about 2 years until 2004. I had a lot of MOTU figures as a kid but I never actually owned Kobra Khan so I don’t have the same nostalgic attachment to him that I have for some of the other characters. The old toy was kinda goofy looking anyway but most of the 80s figures were. The great thing about the 200X line is that they made the figures look how you imagined them to look back in the day.

This Kobra Khan is badass. He’s sleek and snakey instead of squat and frumpy like the old one. He’s got great detailing on his scaly skin and a nice mix of greens and golds in his paint scheme. This figure also retains the action feature of the original, which is the ability to spray “venom” from his mouth when you fill him with water.  He looks great and he’s well made. I’d actually let my nephews play with this guy without fear of him coming back to me in pieces and missing parts.  7 out of 10.


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  1. Decided to tackle your blog from page one. I’ll try to comment on anything I can relate to, and at a glance, that should be plenty (but Gundam and Anime stuff I may skip).

    I admit, I always referred to the toys as He-man toys rather than MOTU. Wasn’t the cartoon called He-man and the Master of the Universe? Either way, I was huge into He-man in my early years before moving onto GI Joe. I had dozens of the bugger, that unlike you I never saved. In fact, I did have the 80s version of Kobra Kahn, and he was fantastic. All the old MOTU figures pretty much looked the same but with different colours and heads, so maybe this new version has more individual character. But back in the day, spraying water from an action figure was a pretty nice perk.

    Good blog.

    • Hey Adam, thanks for the read through, it’s much appreciated.
      I always called the series “He-Man” when I was a kid too but have gotten used to referring to it as MOTU over the years. I agree spray features and other goofy things like that were cool back in the day but as an adult collector I’m more concerned with having it look cool than have some gimmick. Who was your favorite character?

      • Favourite character would be tough to pick. I did own just about everything except the stuff that came out near the end. Even then, I did get the black guy.
        But when I played, it was the bad guys that got the most use. He Man pretty much handled everything alone, though Buzz Off and Roboto were his most likely sidekicks.

        As for bad guys, I think Trap Jaw was my favourite figure of all, though Tri Clops was often the most menacing of my baddies.

        The worst prize probably goes to Stinkor. Not sure who in marketing thought it would be good to have a stinky toy, but man, my parents weren’t impressed when I brought it in the car on a long drive to Antigonish. Poor Stinkor got put in the trunk.

      • Dude! Stinkor is the man! Although I did find it weird that the skunk-man was a straight re-paint of the fish-man. an odd choice. Trap jaw and Tri-clops are both pretty sweet too. The 200X Tri-clops is wicked, maybe I’ll review him later.

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