COBRA TROOPER flamethrower specialist

G.I. Joe

This fella here has been given the very unglamorous name of Cobra Trooper.  There are over 20 other  figures with that moniker and I’m not sure why this guy got saddled with it.  Pretty much all of the other cobra troopers are variations of the standard cobra soldier affectionately known to collectors as “blue shirts”.  With his fully shielded face this guy is more akin to a Cobra Viper which is another low ranking division of Cobra grunt.  At least he has the subtitle of flamethrower specialist to help him stand out from the pack.  This guy was included in the Extreme Conditions: Desert Assault Squad 7 pack released in 2008.  I thought both of the extreme conditions packs were awesome (They also released an arctic themed pack) because each of them only included one named character and the other 6 figures were all army builders.   In case there’s somebody out there who doesn’t know what I’m talking about allow me to briefly explain.  Most toy lines have their “name” characters like Batman or Leonardo from ninja turtles which there is only one of, but they often also have henchman type characters which there are many of like the Foot Soldiers or Cobra Troopers.  These henchman characters which have no individual personalities and are unceremoniously killed off by the dozen are known to toy collectors as army builders because we can but the same figure over and over and to us, that makes sense.  Often times the toy companies release a figure 2-pack which includes one name character packaged with one army builder which drives us nuts as we don’t want to end up with a dozen copies of the name character.  Anyway, the fact that these Extreme Condition sets gave us six different army builders at a reasonable price was just awesome.

Now back to this guy in particular.  I like that his tan with red highlights color scheme is consistent with the rest of the figures in the pack.  When displayed together they look like a really cool little specialty unit with the name character (in this case Major Blood) serving as their commander.  I do like the look of this guy in general but his accessories are pretty weak and nothing about him really says “Wow”.  I think the fact that he’s not a reproduction of a specific figure from my childhood and that he’s never appeared in any type of media like comics or cartoons really hurts my overall feelings for this guy.  I ‘ll give Mr. Trooper here a 5 out of 10.


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  1. Definitely looks like a Viper. When I was growing up I was pretty spoiled at Christmas’ and in general with getting lots of GI Joes and Masters of the Universe figures, or whatever. But the one thing my parents would never do was buy me duplicates. So I wound up pretending that those jobbers would run in one at a time. ie.

    “Here comes a Crimson Guard!”
    “Ahhh, they got me!!!!”
    “And here comes another Crimson Guard!”
    “Ahhh, they got me too!!!”

    and so on.

    So when Brandon was about 8 or 9 and into Star Wars figures, I made sure to get him many, many duplicates of Stormtroopers and Droids, thus surpassing my parents in all ways.

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