Cosmos was one of my favorite transformers as a kid.  I can’t really tell you why, his toy was small and lame, he didn’t do very much in the comic series or the cartoon and he transformed into a goofy little UFO instead of a sports car or fighter jet.  That last bit I think might have been what endeared him to me.  I never cared much for cars and jets as a kid.  Even the dinky cars I did own I gave names and infused with personalities so they were more like action figures to me. I usually embraced the weird little oddities of a toy series and Cosmos fit that bill.  I sold most of my transformers at a yard sale when i was 12 or so and though I love transformers to this day I’m not too broken up about parting with all those figures.  Some I’d love to have back but Cosmos isn’t really one of them.  The problem I had with 80s era transformers toys is they rarely looked like their cartoon counterparts and had very limited pose ability.  The fact that they transformed didn’t really matter to me, I just wanted cool looking robot toys.

Well things are different now and Transformers toys are how I wished they were when I was a kid.  they still transform but they look great in robot mode and you can pose them all kinds of ways.  I hope they get around to making all my old favorites in this new style but I doubt they will as most of the Transformers being released these days are based on the shitty live-action movies or modern animated shows.  It’s like a little gift from Hasbro every time they sneak a classic character done in the modern style into one of their movie assortments.  I saw online that Cosmos had been released in this modern style but I couldn’t find him anywhere.  The old Cosmos toy was about 2″ tall same as the old versions of Bumble Bee and Cliff Jumper,  both of whom I had since gotten in the modern style which stand about 6″ tall and look great.  I expected Cosmos would be the same and had no qualms about paying $35 to get him on Ebay.  I get all of my Ebay purchases sent to my parents house and boy was i excited when dad called to tell me my latest package had arrived.  When I finally made out to see my parents my dad handed me a package about the size of a BIC lighter.  Not cool.  I opened it up to find this itty bitty Cosmos which probably retailed for $7.99 staring back at me.  While he is more detailed and has better articulation than the original he will forever be on my list of top ten toy disappointments.  I hope he one day gets a figure worthy of my respect but for now file this U.F.O. under Utterly F**king Offensive. 3 out of 10


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I'm a dude that collects toys and writes. I figured I'd combine my hobbies.

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  1. I never got into Transformers as much as GI Joe or He-Man. I think I only owned 2 or three. Maybe I had the ambulance, but I definitely had Smokescreen. The third one I have, was so lame that I forget his name, but I think he was one of the guys from Cybertron in the animated film. He was a pale seafoam green colour I think. He is what I think of when someone says Transformers, and it still leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

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