Let me start off by saying that if you read comic books (and if you’re cruising this toy website I would say that it’s fairly likely) and you are not reading Hellboy than you are doing yourself a HUGE disservice.  Hellboy has been an amazing book since it’s inception in the early 90s. The writing is brilliant.  It’s paced so well that  each chapter is so very satisfying and yet you’re left salivating for more.  Then of course there is the artwork.  Mike Mignola is the easily one of the top ten best comic artists of all time.  He’s often imitated but his dark and moody style is immediately recognizable and something all his own.  Now as much as I love that comic book I’ve actually grown to love it’s spin-off book, B.P.R.D. even more.   B.P.R.D. stands for Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense and it focuses on Hellboy’s weird and wonderful (and sometimes very plain) co-workers as they investigate paranormal occurrences around the globe.  The star of this book is arguably Abe Sapien.

Abe is a much more level headed and intellectual agent than Hellboy and I find him a more interesting character to read.  I wished for years that they would make Hellboy action figures beyond just the title character.  The Hellboy movie came out in 2004 and we got some Abe figures based on that which were okay but weren’t quite what I was looking for. It took a few more years but finally MEZCO released figures of Hellboy and his supporting cast based off of the comic book art.  The figures looked fantastic, liked they just leaped right off the page.  Unfortunately Abe was released as an exclusive figure only available at the San Diego Comic-Con.  I thought this figure looked great but was not willing to travel to San Diego to get him, nor was I willing to pay upwards of $100 to get him on ebay.  So I waited for years, checking back frequently, hoping that eventually I’d score one for a good price.  In 2010 I was finally able to reel in my fish man.  So was he worth the wait?  Hell yes.    This figure is awesome.  It captures the comic book artwork perfectly with lots of shading and blocky features.  His vest is a nicely sculpted removable piece with a cool B.P.R.D. logo on the back.  He also came with a harpoon which is pretty cool but a gun would’ve been nice.  I highly recommend you troll around ebay and find one for yourself, they’re much cheaper these days but you know what, now that I have him in hand, I say he’s worth the $100. 10 out of 10.


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I'm a dude that collects toys and writes. I figured I'd combine my hobbies.

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