A few years ago I went on a trip to Europe where I visited 7 countries in 14 days.  I saw a ton of cool landmarks and works of art and  took in what I could of the local culture in the limited amount of time I had.  Being the nerd that I am I also tried to find a comic/toy store in every city I visited.  This was not an easy task when your time is limited, you don’t speak the language and your girlfriend would rather check out the Eiffel Tower than shop for action figures.  Bitch.  Anyway, one of our stops was in Rome.  It was an amazing city and I wanted to pick up a souvenir that was significantly Rome-y.  I found a cool little shop just a block or two from the Colosseum that had a lot of educational toys and legos and stuff.  When I spotted this guy I knew I had to have him.  He was a gladiator AND a crocodile!  How cool is that?  I eagerly picked up this guy and 3 others but it pained me to pay 12 euros for each one, which translates to about $24 a piece. Ouch.

So this figure is fantastic.   He’s about 3″ tall but the detailing on him is sick.  At the time of purchase all I really knew about this thing was that it looked cool and that it reminded me of one of my favorite childhood toy lines: Battle Beasts. Pretty much everything I know about this figure now I found out long after I got him home.  He’s made by a company called Papo who make all kinds of well detailed little figurines like this.  Most of their figures are of realistic animals and dinosaurs which I guess is why they end up in educational toy stores as opposed to Toys r Us.  I have since come across this exact figure at the educational toy store in the mall near my house which is kind of a bummer as it diminishes his Rome-y-ness a little bit but oh well.  Back to the figure, the sculpting is just top notch with each little scale detailed.  The armor looks great and is intricately painted.  He actually doesn’t have any moving parts so it’s a bit of a stretch to call him an action figure but his sword and club are removable and that’s pretty damn cool.  8 out of 10.


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I'm a dude that collects toys and writes. I figured I'd combine my hobbies.

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