DAREDEVIL famous cover


So here’s another Daredevil figure.  He’s a little different  than the one I featured previously.  This Daredevil figure is from the Marvel famous Covers series put out by Toy Biz in the late 90s.  This series consisted of 10″ “dolls” with real cloth uniforms.  They were kind of a throw back to the popular MEGO figures of the 70s.  The series gets its name from the fact that each figure was packed in a window box which featured one of the character’s most famous comic book covers on the front.  In Daredevil’s case it featurs Issue #7 that shows Daredevil in an underwater slugfest with Namor the Sub-Mariner.  I must say the box really is quite nice.  The figure…meh.

Most of these Famous Cover figures were kind of weird looking and Dardevil is no exception.  His tight cloth uniform fits him snugly but then he has giant rubber boots and big ol’ mittens which look down right goofy.  He includes his billy club but he can’t actually hold it with his mittens on so there’s a slit on his palm for you to slide it into so it appears as though he’s holding it.  The head sculpt on this figure isn’t bad but I think the yelling face is kind of a weird choice for Daredevil.  He’s either portrayed as dark and brooding or lighthearted and goofy and this head doesn’t really work for either of those interpretations.  Not that a broody or happy Daredevil wouldn’t need to yell from time to time but I think this figure would have been better served with a more neutral expression head.  It’s a fun toy but marketed as a collector’s display piece and the quality just doesn’t justify it.  My Famous Cover Daredevil currently resides in a box in the closet.  4 out of 10.


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