H.I.S.S. DRIVER version 3

G.I. Joe

This here is the guy who drives the famous Cobra HISS tank.  If you’re even remotely familiar with the G.I. Joe brand then you’ve got to be familiar with the HISS tank.  It’s probably the most unique vehicle  of  the entire G.I. Joe mythos.  Just it’s silhouette is instantly recognizable.  Too bad the same can’t be said for the poor fella who drives it.  This guys gets no credit.  Whenever the HISS tanks appeared in the cartoons or comic books they were almost always piloted by someone else.  A lot of people didn’t care for this guy back in the day.  The original version released in the 80s had a giant melon head, was wearing blazingly bright red and thigh high boots.  I however loved him.  He was one of my favorites.

This version was released in 2008 as part of the Ultimate Battle pack which also included 6 other figures and 3 vehicles, one of which was of course a HISS tank.  This guy still doesn’t seem to get much affection from fans but I still love him and I think this modern version is far superior to the original.  The bright colors and thigh highs remain but he’s lost the melon head.  I actually can’t find anything wrong with this guy.  He’s made up of re-used parts from other figures but that’s pretty standard in the world of action figures.  I actually prefer the silver chest plate over the blue on the original, it just makes him look a little more “clean”.  He’s got a small pistol as his only accessory but that’s really all you need when you’re cruising around in a muthaf**k’n tank.  This is the type of figure I have to talk myself out of army building every time I see one for sale. 9 out of 10.


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  1. I always thought that the vehicle drivers in GI Joe sort of got forgotten in the mix, but a couple of my favourites from my childhood were Copperhead and Wild Weasil (who I actually didn’t own but often used Wei C’s copy).

    Sadly, I never owned a HISS.

  2. I have the carded version which I put into the cockpit of the 25th Black Hiss Tank that came with the Hiss Tank Commander figure; I had mine on display on my coffee table for probably a few years and only today decided to put it away after cleaning the dust off it. The Commander was in the turret and still looks perfect. Now the driver, (type with the classic blue chest and silver Cobra sigil) seems a bit odd to me now…I can’t recall if he has pinkishly red type plastic used for his arms or if in some way the sun has faded the arms on mine, this includes the harder plastic peg inside the shoulder joint and both arms all the way to the swivelling hands. Thing is, the ‘fading’ seems to be totally uniform to JUST his arms / shoulder joints, forearms and hands BUT his gauntlets are STILL jet, jet black. The rest of him isn’t faded at all…or even the whole front which would have been effected by sunlight barring his back and back of arms / legs which are obscured by his having been sat inside the cockpit of the HISS I…Either I’ve simply never ‘noticed’ the plastic variation or he’s had some ‘fading’ occur to his arms / hands made out of a different plastic to the rest of the figure…

    • Interesting. My HISS driver is a consistent solid red throughout so it sounds to me like you’ve definitely had some fading. Toys are weirdly inconsistent like that sometimes. I’ve got vintage Joes with odd fading and discoloration. Weirdest of all is my DC New Gods figures who seem to ooze sticky residue from their joints…

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