I love Marvel Comics.   I was introduced to the marvel universe as a young child  and I never looked back.  I bought my first issue of Amazing Spider-Man, issue 281 when I was 8 and I have not missed an issue since.  I just bought issue 675 last week.  For years, between my brother Doug and I we collected nearly every book that marvel published.  We knew everything that was going on and we had a soft spot for every forgettable character that ever appeared.  We used to flip through the official handbook of the marvel universe which was just a collection of endless character bios and we wished there was an action figure of everyone in there.  Unfortunately nothing even close to that happened until years later when Spider-Man, the X-Men, Iron Man and more well known properties all got new cartoons in the 90s which spawned a bunch of action figures.  This gave me hope that some of my obscure favorites would materialize in action figure form one day.  However I never in a million years would have guessed that I would one day have a Rocket Raccoon action figure.

Rocket Raccoon starred in a silly four issue mini series in 1985 and was never seen again.  It was drawn by Mike Mignola who I raved about in my Abe Sapien post but Mike was an unknown talent at the time.   I remembered the series fondly because it was published that first year I got into comics and I’ve always enjoyed anthropomorphic characters like this.  The first comic characters I ever created on my own were a group of talking super powered animals called Animal Team Force.  Rocket Raccoon made his surprise return to comics 22 years later in 2007 when appeared in the Guardians of the Galaxy.  He quickly became a fan favorite in that series and has remained a prominent character in the Marvel universe ever since.  This figure features him wearing his Guardians of the Galaxy uniform as opposed to his green tights from the 80s.  he’s to scale with the other figures in this series and his sculpting is spot on.  His textured fur and wrinkled outfit go beyond the call of duty.  He looks badass and adorable at the same time.  He includes a big honk’n gun just like he carries around in the comics and best of all he comes with an even tinier figure of his pal Groot the tree-man. 9 out of 10.


About mike's collection

I'm a dude that collects toys and writes. I figured I'd combine my hobbies.

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  1. Not much to say about Rocket Raccoon, but I liked the intro about your start into comics. I sort of wished I had gotten into them as a kid, but to be honest, I never really knew about comics stores or anything. In my childhood I owned onecomic, and it wasn’t very good. A story of Ghostbusters.

    I read that baby multiple times hoping to get the next version (Ghost Gangsters), which was advertised in the back of the comic, but it didn’t show up at Shoppers, and my entry to the comic book world was over.

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