GRIMLOCK mighty mugg


I loved Transformers as a kid.  The robot modes were so cool.  The vehicle modes…meh.  I never cared much for cars and trucks and transforming 30 robots into cars just to have them drive across the bedroom only to transform them back into robots to go into battle was a pain in the ass.  If only they transformed into something cooler.  Planes? meh.  Tape decks? meh.  Dinosaurs?  F**k Yeah.  When the dinobots came onto the scene I couldn’t imagine anything cooler.  My favorite dinosaur was always Triceratops so Slag was my favorite dinobot.  They were all awesome though, Sludge, Snarl, Swoop and of course their leader, the Mighty Grimlock.  I enjoyed Grimlock’s odd way of talking in the cartoons “Me Grimlock no like you” but I didn’t like that he was portrayed as a dumbass.  That was later corrected in the comic books as they portrayed him as very intelligent but with a damaged voicebox or something.

Grimlock has always been one of my favorite Transformers.  I have 3 versions of him staring at me from my bookshelf right now.  Besides the pure coolness factor he holds even more meaning to me these days. When I set up my plenty of fish profile (a dating website if you haven’t had the pleasure. ugh)and was tasked with picking a screen name,  all manners of my actual name were taken so I scanned my bookshelf for inspiration.  I went with MeGrimlock as my screen name.  I figured if any girl ever got the Transformers reference she was the one for me.  No one ever noticed but I did find my girl Vanessa on that site regardless.  She had no idea where the name came from at the time but I like that whenever she hears the name now she thinks of me.  Anyway, this particular version of Grimlock is part of the Mighty Muggs line from Hasbro.  Mighty Muggs are cutesy vinyl “art” figures featuring characters from  popular properties such as Transformers and Star Wars.  I think the Transformer versions are the best of the series.  Actual Transformer toys have so many moving parts that it usually hurts the aesthetic of the figure.  The Mighty Muggs don’t transform so they can focus on getting the classic animated look right.  This Grimlock is the perfect  cute-ified version of the character.  The paint applications really make this figure shine.  Rather than just leaving the head as solid black all the painted gray shapes create the illusion of detail. His sword is pretty boss too.  9 out of 10.

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I'm a dude that collects toys and writes. I figured I'd combine my hobbies.

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  1. I remember a phase in elementary school where everyone talked like Grimlock.

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