This is my first wrestling figure post so I’m tempted to reminisce about the golden age of wrestling back in the 80s but I’ll save that for next time.  For this post I’m gonna talk about my swing set.  You see me and my brother Doug took our playtime very seriously.  We never just grabbed a random toy from the toy box and half-assed it, we played with a purpose.  Every G.I. Joe battle was an epic  3 day war, every drawing turned into an entire comic book universe and when our toys competed in competition; we kept score.   We had a table top hockey game that we played the hell out of but every single  goal and assist had to be recorded in our record book.  Every game was part of a scheduled season.  I would’ve loved to be the Red Wings every time but the season dictated that I had to be the Whalers from time to time.  Our wrestling figures were handled the same way.  Every win, every loss, every count-out was noted in our record book.  I think Ultimate Warrior might have held the record for longest undefeated streak, I don’t remember but I bet Doug does.  Obviously these rubber toys didn’t win their matches by chance, it was all determined by us and who our favorites were.  We’d throw in an upset every now and again just to keep things interesting.  This meant that characters that we didn’t much care for sat pretty low in the rankings, guys like poor Kamala here.

One day we came up with an idea on how to throw some “chance” into the mix and give the losers a opportunity to shine.  We had a swing set in the backyard that had this two seated swing, not the see saw looking one but more like two chairs facing each other.  We loaded all of our wrestlers onto it in a mangled random mess and then swung that thing as high as we could.  It shook and rattled all over the place and wrestlers went flying in every direction.  These toys happened to be solid chunks of rubber and were impossible to break.  I wouldn’t want to catch a flying one in the face though.  Whoever the last wrestler left on the swing was got a WIN in the record book.  The game favored guys like Kamala here.  He was one of the heavier ones being a man of great girth so the sheer weight of the figure kept him more grounded than say one of the Killer Bees.  Also his pose with those two bent arms meant he could latch around a bar and lock himself into place.  Ravishing Rick Rude never won because he was basically just a rubber missile.  It’s because of this brilliant/retarded game that Kamala was not at the bottom of the rankings.  He might’ve been otherwise because I didn’t much care for the real life wrestler and the toy lacked playability for me because the since the real guy couldn’t speak english it meant my toy version couldn’t either and I couldn’t do fun pre-fight interviews with my Mean Gene figure.  I do love the look of this figure and he’s the only wrestling toy that I currently display in my home.  As far as giant hunks of solid rubber go, this one is pretty neat.  6 out of 10.


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  1. And now he rests on the back of your toilette happily watching all of us pee.

  2. I gave you that guy didn’t I?

    • You may very well of. I had the same Kamala figure when I was a kid but got rid of it. I’ve reacquired alot of those given away figures over the years mostly from Doug. I seem to recall you getting me a Hulk Hogan but maybe you got me Kamala too.

  3. My cousin had Kamala (along with many more, and the ring) as a kid, but for some reason he had cut Kamala’s hands off. When I asked why, he said it was because he was in a car accident. Weird guy, don’t talk to him anymore.

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