I mentioned in an earlier post how I don’t really regret getting rid of most of my childhood Transformers. I regret getting rid of Shockwave. Not only was he one of my favorite characters but he also had a really cool toy that closely resembled his appearance in the cartoons and comics. Shockwave is a big purple one-eyed Robot. (As I was typing that I realized how creepy a description that is) The 80s version transformed into a giant alien laser cannon which was pretty sweet looking. I loved how he was portrayed in the cartoons and even more so in the comics. He was clever and cunning and much more capable than Megatron. I’m not sure why I ever let that toy slip from my grasp. I guess I was just kind of over Transformers for a while. The show was off the air and the comic got cancelled and most of the toys just didn’t live up to my expectations so I just purged myself of them. The Transformers never really went away though, the had a new computer animated show called Beast Wars for a while followed by Beast Machines and then Transformers:Energon and a few other versions that I just didn’t care for. It wasn’t until a little known comic company called Dreamwave acquired the rights to publish a new Transformers comic that I really began to take notice. The comic was great, they told mature stories and they infused so much personality into each character my love for Transformers was fully rekindled. I was very excited when they announced there was going to be a live action Transformers movie. It came out and it was alright, I enjoyed it even though I didn’t love the look of the characters. And then the second one came out. Hated it. So much. I could rant all day but I won’t get into that here. Despite the movies not really doing it for me they got kids interested in the brand in a big way. Movie toys were being pumped out in droves and sprinkled amongst the movie figures Hasbro would release a couple Transformers Universe toys which were classic characters sporting the signature look but made far better than what we got in the 80s. I gobbled them up and kept my fingers crossed that they would eventually get to all my favorites. Shockwave was nowhere to be found. And then came the news that Shockwave was going to appear in the third live action Transformers movie. I was worried that the only Shockwave figure I was gonna get would be some crappy insect looking movie version. I loathed that movie but I actually liked the look of Shockwave. He’s not quite the classic one I remember but he’s still a big purple one-eyed robot. The changes they did make to his design are actually pretty cool. The ribcage like armor and the general jagged exoskeleton make him look pretty badass. The giant plasma cannon and blade on his arms add to his menace and bulk his frame. I think this is the best redesign of all three movies and it makes for a great toy. He transforms into a pretty deadly looking cybertronian tank now too which is pretty cool. 8 out of 10


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