I know a lot of these posts start with “This was ONE of my favorites when I was a kid…” Well this time I won’t be so vague. This WAS my favorite Star Wars action figure when I was a kid. I loved Darth Vader and Han Solo as much as the next guy but for some reason this goofy looking bastard is the one that I favored over all others. His name was Walrus Man. I guess that’s because he has those giant Walrus like tusks where his mouth should be. At least that’s what they’re supposed to be.  The whole thing is just ridiculous. It’s like Kermit the Frog in a one piece bathing suit and an ass for a face. So why was he my favorite? I honestly don’t know. There was just something about this scrawny sea creature that I was drawn to. It’s not even a case of a bad figure being made of a great character. Walrus man had about a minute and a half of screen time in Star Wars. He was the grunting patron at the Mos Eisly cantina that gets his arm loped off at the elbow by Obi-Wan Kenobi. By the way this figure looks nothing like how the character appeared in the movie. It is an absolutely horrible likeness. I wonder what materials the sculptor had to work with at the time? Some faded concept art on a wet napkin? Clearly he hadn’t seen the movie or even any still images from the film.
Walrus man has gotten more respect in the years since this fugly little sea monkey came out in 1984. When the re-mastered Star Wars movies came back to theatres in the late 90s and with hype for the upcoming prequels building, a new line of figures hit the store shelves. These modern day figures were still very simply constructed with minimal joints but they looked SO much better. The toys actually looked like the actors as they appeared on screen. Walrus man got a new figure and a new name. The newly coined Ponda Baba was wearing boots, pants, an orange leather jacket and a face that was actually kind of menacing. I love the new Ponda Baba figure. But that doesn’t diminish my love for this one. I actually don’t think I would like Ponda Baba as much as I do had the first figure been done properly. It’s the sheer cartoony dorkiness of this figure that makes me smile to this day. 7 out of 10.

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  1. Another toy I had as a kid, that I can remember having before I even saw Star Wars. I’m pretty sure I didn’t even know it was a Star Wars toy until I was about 10. Until then, he was just lumped into my bag of generic dollar store farm animals. I don’t know why, but I think I treated him like some sort of savage creature that feasted on livestock at night like a Chuppacabre.

  2. SyntheticPaper

    This figure was my best friend when I was little. No joke, I carried it everywhere, to my grandparents house, to the store, everywhere. I have no idea why, but he was just special to me. I couldn’t remember him from the movie until after I was already completely smitten with the figure, so I had no idea what his character was like. Then Star Wars came on TV and I sat there holding the figure … his big scene arrived and I just looked at the figure and said in the most compassionate voice a little kid can muster: “I still love you, Walrus Man. You’ll always be my friend”. And that was the day I knew I could make my figures be so much better than their onscreen characterization.

    • That’s a nice little story. I used to pick one toy to accompany me on trips to the mall, or to the beach, or even just around the house and i called them my “buddy of the day”. The honor was rotated amongst many of my favorite toys, Walrus Man being one of them.

  3. Greedo is my favorite Star Wars character. His vintage figure’s wardrobe is a billion times cooler than the onscreen suit was.

  4. and I MUCH prefer the bathing suit look for ass face than his boring movie look, I wish the thug on screen had been dressed like the toy. I made customs a few years ago that updated Walrus Man to a hybrid vintage 42-back Kenner/prequel upgraded Aqualish custom that I could be happy with. http://i19.photobucket.com/albums/b190/wookietattoo/SW%20customs/thugs.jpg Because the bland orange jacket and khaki pants just weren’t sci-fi enough… That designer at Kenner in 1978 had the right idea. .

  5. oh and the cantina aliens will forever be Hammerhead, Walrusman, and Snaggletooth to me. none of this WEG RPG christened Momaw Nadon, Ponda Baba, and Zutton/Takeel shit.

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