So here it is the day after Christmas and I have all kinds of new Christmas toys that I’d like to talk about but those will have to wait.  I started this blog only about a week ago and I put a notification on my facebook wall letting people know about my new toy blog if they wanted to check it out.  I expected a couple of my close friends would read it and a handful more would give it a quick glance and never visit again.  Even though I’m mostly doing this for myself it’s still nice to think that someone is reading it.  Now I come from a very large family and over the holidays we have a number of get togethers, in fact I’m heading out to another one shortly.  I was at one of these gatherings at my Aunt Heather’s place on Christmas Eve and I got talking to my cousin Steve.  Steve’s a cool guy who’s a few years older than me and who as far as I know has little interest in action figures.  So Steve tells me that he noticed my facebook post and decided to check out this blog.  He ended up reading every post and he quite enjoyed it.  That just made my day.Gund-Grizzly toon

I try to write this in general enough terms that anyone can read it and not just toy enthusiasts and he made me feel that I accomplished that.  Thanks Steve.  So anyway, my Uncle Ken who is a big gruff manly man who kills what he eats happened to overhear us talking about the blog.  He asked what we were talking about and I explained to him about how I review toys on a website and I joked to him that he should take a look.  He said maybe if I reviewed power tools and chainsaws he might check it out.  That’s hardly my area of expertise so in compromise I promised him that my next post would at least be about an action figure who wielded such manly tools.  And so I present to you, Grizzly Gundam.  Like the Gundam Rose figure I reviewed earlier represented France, this guy here represents Canada.  And what better way to represent Canada than with a Lumberjack.  As I’ve stated before I know very little about the back story of these toys so I won’t get into it but I do appreciate the toys themselves, and these nationality representing robots from the Mobile Fighter G Gundam series are especially fun because who doesn’t love a good stereotype.Gund-Grizzly art

So Grizzly Gundam, who I’ve also seen referred to as Lumber Gundam is actually pretty goofy looking.  It looks like he’s wearing a metal version of an animal hide which doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.  If you did away with the skirt like middle section and painted the brown areas blue this guy would actually be pretty sweet but as is it’s just kinda dumb.  In true robotic lumberjack fashion Grizzly Gundam has a massive chainsaw and a pair of axes. As far as accessories go theses are pretty cool.  The axes snap onto his forearms which could be used defensively  or you can place them in his hands as attack weapons.  Plus his chainsaw can be snapped into place on his back when he’s not holding it so you don’t have to worry about loose accessories laying around.   Personally I think Canada could design a better looking robot but what can ya do?  I hope you enjoyed him Uncle Ken.  (There’s no way he’s reading this)             5 out of 10.


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  1. I think you’re wrong on this one. While I’m not a Gundam fan, I can’t find anything to dislike about the brown and blue coloration. The only thing I’m not a fan of here is the wrist-axes; since, with a chainsaw, it really doesn’t need axes.

    • Hey man, thanks for reading. I can’t recall exactly what i said about this figure as i wrote it a year ago but i’m holding him in my hands at this very moment and there is lots to like about this figure. The tattered brown “furs” or potato sack that he’s wearing still doesn’t jive with me though.

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