So here is a brand new Christmas toy.  My brother Doug surprised me with this bad-boy after he had lead me to believe that he had bought me a He-Man figure.   This was a nice surprise.  My brother told me he had purchased one of these for himself recently and I had expressed my jealousy as I had been eyeballing this guy for a while myself.  Me and Doug shop at the same comic book store (Strange Adventures, Great shop!) and luckily they got another one in before the holidays and Doug snatched it up for me.  Sea Creature  (or Gill Man) was always Doug’s favorite monster as a kid where as mine was Wolf-man.  Our earliest exposure to these things was probably in Scooby-Doo cartoons and then the 80s classic, “The Monster Squad”.  It was hard to find decent action figures of these classic monsters when I was a kid.  I think we may have had some happy meal type toys and some weird neon rubbery sea creature but they weren’t the best.  But now, as with many things from my childhood, wicked cool well sculpted toys now exist.  This one comes courtesy of Diamond Select Toys who have been making all kinds of cool monster toys the past few years.  I already have a Wolf-man and a Mummy terrorizing my desk at work and that is probably where this guy will end up after the holidays.   Dracula and Frankenstein will join them soon, I do have a birthday coming up after all.

So this figure looks great.  I’m guessing most of you have never seen the actual movie from 1954 but you really should.  It’s pretty campy by todays standards but it’s a fun watch.  Much more enjoyable than contemporary horror films.  Now while the film is in black and white in my mind’s eye I imagined the Creature to be these colors.  The nice blend of greens work perfectly for him making him look very amphibian/reptilian and you’d believe he just lumbered out of a lagoon.  The detailing is nice with lots of texture on his skin and the head sculpt captures the kinda goofy creepy weirdness of the original costume.  I’m not thrilled with the lack of articulation on this figure as you can’t move his legs or head at all.  The only real movement is in his arms.  One thing that does deserve a mention here is the excellent display base he comes with.  It’s primarily just a flat sandy surface but it also includes an unarticulated version of Kay Lawrence who was the Creature’s  unfortunate love interest in the film.  The sculpting on her is very nice and she adds a lot to this set.  Thanks Doug.  6 out of 10.


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I'm a dude that collects toys and writes. I figured I'd combine my hobbies.

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