Another Christmas toy to review, this time from my little brother Brian.  He also got me a spatula in the shape of Darth Vader’s head which is pretty cool but for now let’s talk about The Destroyer.  The Destroyer is a marvel universe character who’s been kicking around since the 60s.  I don’t have a ton of knowledge about this guy as he was a Thor character and Thor was never a book I read growing up.  I knew the gist of it which is that it’s an enchanted suit of armor created by Thor’s father Odin and it usually ends up in the wrong hands, usually Thor’s brother Loki and trys to kill Thor.  Destroyer doesn’t have much of a personality but he does look cool as hell.  He was designed by Jack Kirby which says it all right there, Kirby’s classic designs are pretty tough to beat.  Just to give you some perspective Kirby created the Fantastic Four, Thor, the Hulk, Iron Man, Silver Surfer and a billion other awesome things.

My first real exposure to this character was probably the same as you which was in the live action Thor movie.  If you haven’t seen Thor yet you should definitely check it out.  I thought it handled some of the far out concepts of the Thor comics very well and made them believable.  In the movie the Destroyer here falls into the wrong hands ( Loki’s ) and tries to kill Thor.  Of course Thor wins and everyone’s happy.  The movie version looked pretty good and the CG was effective though not perfect.  This little figure looks pretty good as well but he seems kind of hunched over, I wish he had more of a neck.  Also his paint scheme is a little dull in the fact that the only color this guy has is his yellow eyes and other than that he’s just a solid dark gray.  His belly lights up to represent him charging up to release another big energy blast from his face which is a neat feature but not one that does much for me.  Brian picked this guy up for me in Toronto at the Silver Snail which is one of, if not the biggest comic store in the country.  And though this figure was from the hard to find second wave of Thor movie figures and I was happy my lil bro tracked him down for me I was disappointed that out of the list of 15 or so items I asked him to look for at the Silver Snail they had none of them.  Destroyer here was kind of a last resort.  I’ll try not to hold that against him.  6 out of 10.


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