So for Christmas this year I treated myself to what is now one of the biggest action figures I own, Unicron.  Unicron is a transformer that transforms not into a car, or a plane or even an aircraft carrier but a frig’n planet.  Now he only stands about 3 times bigger than my other Transformers so that may not seem like much of a planet but let’s be realistic here people.  If he were made to scale with the other toys he would be bigger than the apartment building I live in so they had to scale him down to 17 inches, but it is an impressive 17 inches (that’s what she said).  Unicron towers over my other Transformers and I haven’t yet decided where to put him as he won’t fit on my shelves.  He is truly a magnificent toy.  If you’re not familiar with Unicron he first appeared in the Transformers animated movie released to theaters in 1986.  The movie took place 20 years in the future which was 2005 and it brought huge changes to the Transformers universe.  Almost all of the classic characters that I and every other little boy of the decade loved were killed off and most of them off screen.  Even Optimus Prime got blown away in this movie and replaced by a douche-bag named Hot Rod who became Rodimus Prime after he accepted the role of new leader of the autobots.  Megatron turned into Galvatron and basically the whole world of Transformers got turned upside down.  No longer did they transform into recognizable modern era cars and planes but instead into weird spaceships and hover sleds and other oddities.  We were introduced the the Quintesson’s who were these strange 5 faced robotic octopus egg things who apparently created the Transformers.  Watching this at 8 years old gave me post traumatic stress.  Of all the crazy concepts this movie introduced, one that i could get behind was Unicron, the massive world devouring roaming planet.  I didn’t realize how cool it was at the time but Unicron was voiced by Orson Welles in what would be his last performance on screen.  Unicron was big mean and scary and a threat that dwarfed anything that had come before.  Hella cool.  Of course he gets blown up in the end but they’ve found ways to integrate him back into the story lines through the comics and cartoons over the years.  As a kid I never would have imagined we’d one day get a toy of this guy but here he is.  They released him back in 2003 and I passed on him at the time as he was just too expensive and I wasn’t currently buying Transformers at the time.  I had looked into buying him on ebay in the years since but again he was just too expensive.  Well when I saw a new and improved version at my local Toys R Us while Christmas shopping this year, expenses be damned! I scooped this guy up and stuck him under the tree and then I waited with childlike anticipation for Christmas morning when I could tear into him.  the tearing is now complete and he’s now sitting on my windowsill until I find him a home.    He’s got light up eyes and firing missiles which is cool for the kiddies but I don’t really care about that stuff. He’s not a perfect toy but it’s a very good one who looks very much like the animated version and that’s all I really need.  9 out of 10.


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I'm a dude that collects toys and writes. I figured I'd combine my hobbies.

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