I have no will power.  It was a mere 24 hours ago that I reviewed my Creature from the Black Lagoon figure and in that review I hinted that my birthday was coming up and that I needed Dracula and Frankenstein to complete my collection of classic monsters.  I was hoping one of my friends or family would take notice and pick me up one of them for my mid January birthday.  Well never mind friends and family, I went out and bought both of them today.  I had no intention of doing so, in fact I’d promised myself to take it easy on the toy purchases for a little while until my bank account had recovered from all of my holiday spending.  But I woke up this morning and  checked my facebook only to see that my shop STRANGE ADVENTURES was having a boxing day sale with 50% off everything.  Groan.  Several toys, comic books and t-shirts later here I am sitting at my desk with an empty wallet and the lord of the vampires staring blankly at me.

This Dracula is made by Diamond Select Toys, the same company that made the Creature figure I reviewed yesterday but this is from a different line.  Instead of a well sculpted detail oriented action figure this Dracula is from the retro cloth series of figures.  These figures are made to resemble the doll-like toys released by the MEGO company in the 70s.  I had a couple of MEGOs as a kid but most of them ended up naked and in pieces.  I do still have a Spock MEGO in fairly good condition. When I first saw these MEGO universal monsters advertised I knew I wanted them but they were put on the backburner as I had G.I. Joes and Superheroes to buy first.  It was another big sale at the comic shop that made me take the plunge and buy my first one The Mummy and that opened the flood gates.  Toys are like potato chips to me, I can never have just one.  The Mummy was followed by the Wolfman and now I’ve acquired the Creature, Frank and Drac here.  I would also like to have a figure of the Invisible man as he was the final key monster from Universal Studio’s golden age of monster movies but I guess I can just pretend that I have him on my shelf with the others.  This Dracula figure  is lacking in sculpting detail and his costume is simple.  It does not closely resemble Bela Lugosi the actor who played him back in 1931 but it does capture a classic/generic Dracula look that stems from Bela’s portrayal.  The biggest issue I have with this figure is how his hands are molded in vibrant flesh colored plastic while his face is painted a pale off-white.  It seems like a lazy mistake that could have been easily fixed at the production level.  6 out of 10.


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I'm a dude that collects toys and writes. I figured I'd combine my hobbies.

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