At first glance this thing probably looks kinda stupid.   As far as giant robots from Japanese cartoons go this guy does appear to be a little on the lame side.  I would totally understand that reaction.  But only if you’ve never watched the animated series Robotech.  Watch Robotech and then come back and view this post with the respect it deserves.  Back now?  Told ya, this thing is sweet.  Robotech was originally a Japanese series called Macross that got brought over to the U.S. and dubbed in english,  and like a lot of imported Japanese cartoons some major changes were made in the translation.  I’ll save that for a later post but for now I will tell you that this battle pod was featured in the first of three chapters in what I guess you could call the Robotech trilogy.  Each chapter featured a different alien race out to attack earth which had to be defended by the Robotech Defense Force (RDF).  The threat in the first chapter came from the Zentradi, a humanoid race which was nearly identical to humans except for the fact that they stood about 30 feet tall.  The aliens were so tall that they could fight in hand to hand combat with the RDF soldiers while they piloted their giant battle suits.  Not to be undone though the Zentradi had some fancy battle suits of their own, well battle pods actually.  A Zentradi soldier would cram himself into the egg shaped cockpit of this thing which made him a much more formidable opponent.  The pods were loaded up with missiles and lasers and allowed the Zentradi to fight in all conditions whether it be on land or in deep space.

I never had one of these as a kid but I always wanted one.  Robotech figures were very few back then but the ones you could find were pretty cool.  The human figures were made in the same manner and scale as G.I.Joes so they fit right in with them and the vehicles varied in shape and size.  To this day the Robotech Invid Shock Trooper remains a white whale of my collection.  Some day…some day.  Back to the Battle pod for now though, this guy looks great and looks identical to the animated version which I love.  His posability is limited but how much movement can one really expect from a figure with no arms or a head.  My only real gripe about this particular version of the battle pod is the color scheme.  In the cartoons the battle pods were always white and blue, this version is based on how they looked in a movie spin off that I never saw.  So while I love these colors and they look more militaristic than the blue and white it just lacks the nostalgia that I’m such a sucker for.  Either way this figure shows how a weak or strange design can be elevated by strong source material.  8 out of 10.


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I'm a dude that collects toys and writes. I figured I'd combine my hobbies.

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