So my girlfriend who had been away for the past week returned home last night.  We had exchanged a few pre-Christmas presents before she left but had saved the bulk of them for her return so at midnight last night I tore into this badboy.  19 inches on planet eating bad-assery.  Which oddly enough seems to be a theme this Christmas as a couple of days ago I received and reviewed Unicron, the planet eater of the Transformers universe.  Now as much as I love Unicron I have to give the win to Galactus.  The detailing on this thing is just excellent especially on his face.  Galactus is another Jack Kirby design from the 60s similar to The Destroyer whom I also reviewed just the other day.  Jack Kirby designed the best looking characters in comics and this is a much better example than the Destoyer was.  The boots, the skirt, the helmet, that’s all out of Kirby’s brilliant mind.  Galactus first appeared in the Fantastic Four comics when he shopped up with the intention of devouring Earth.  Galactus needs to consume planets to survive and he employs heralds to search the universe for suitable planets.  At this point in time the Silver Surfer was Galactus’s  herald and he discovered Earth and sent word back to the boss man that he’d found a deliciously ripe planet.  However the Fantastic Four managed to convince the Silver Surfer that the life on Earth was worth saving and and together they managed to fend of Galactus.  I wasn’t even born when this story was originally published so I discovered it reading through back issues and re-tellings.  I did collect the Silver Surfer’s solo comic book for many years though and that gave me the chance to get to know Galactus a little better and see that he was not just a monster but a man.  He truly is an interesting character.

When Vanessa first asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I gave her a list which included Galactus I envisioned her buying me Galactus in his original comic book colors of bright vibrant blue and purple as he is the one I had seen kicking around the local Wal-marts.  I was surprised when I opened this guy up to see she had bought me the variant version which is painted in is much darker color scheme which is how he appeared in the Marvel Ultimate Alliance video game.  I gotta say now that I have this guy in hand that I love the dark colors and am glad she went with this version.  It makes him look much more menacing without making any drastic changes as he is still blue and purple.  The only downfall of this version is that as an add on the Galactus figure comes with a 3.75 inch version of his herald the Silver Surfer.  While the original comic colored Galactus has a silver chrome Silver Surfer which is how he should appear, this darker video game inspired Galactus’s Silver Surfer is a translucent see through version which looks neat but is not comic book accurate.  Silver Surfer’s skin tone aside the figure is just plain awesome.  He looks very impressive standing amongst my other Marvel Universe figures. Galactus gets a perfect  10 out of 10.


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