Now I realize I just reviewed Ice-Viper in my last post but I figured I would go ahead and follow it up with a re-paint of the same figure so as you can get an idea of the type of thing that goes on in the world of action figure collecting.  Everything about this figure is identical to the one released 20 years prior.  The original Ice-Viper was released in 1987 and this guy was released by the Joe Collector’s Club in 2007.  He was released in a 2 pack with a repaint of the original snow serpent, another cobra snow trooper.  These figures were part of a series of environmentally themed sets where 2 members of either the G.I. Joe team or Cobra had to venture to a remote location to track down pieces of a fallen satellite.   I didn’t bother with any other the other sets as they were quite expensive, most club or convention exclusive figures usually are.  I had to get this one though as it was the first time my favorite figure had ever been repainted.

This new version could never better the original as the nostalgia factor is through the roof on the original where as this one has never been played with and was bought solely as a display piece.  If I had had this version as a kid though I think there’s a good chance he may have dethroned version 1 as my favorite.  The added camo pattern on his white uniform brings a lot of depth to the figure and solves the blandness issue that the first version suffered from.  Also the blue mask is much more cobra looking as the bulk of their forces wear blue.  The ugly orange highlights have been replaced by black which is a huge improvement and I think these choices up this guy’s chances of survival in the cold arctic.  Red and orange don’t scream stealth in the snow.  This versions eyes are more detailed but still look rather dopey.  The biggest improvement is on the helmet being three toned as opposed to a solid grey chunk.  Small details like painting the goggles a different color goes a long way in bringing some realism to these figures.  Repaints are often done as a cash grab by the toy companies and I leave a lot of them hanging on the pegs but if all repaints were done this well I’d be a happy/broke collector. 9 out of 10.


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I'm a dude that collects toys and writes. I figured I'd combine my hobbies.

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