If you’ve never read a Danger girl comic by J. Scott Campbell and Andy Hartnell I suggest you do.  Danger Girl is a light hearted summer blockbuster throwback popcorn movie jammed into a comic book.  It’s equal parts James Bond, G.I. Joe and Charlie’s Angels with a little Indiana Jones thrown in for good measure.  It’s everything a good homage should be, fresh and yet familiar.  The writing is fun but it’s really the artwork by Campbell that elevates this book above other similar books. Campbell is a very gifted artist who conveys action very well and has a knack for drawing sexy girls so the fact that he co-created this series makes a ton of sense.  Some of the mini skirts and side boob are a little gratuitous and I think a lot of people write the book off as a T and A book when it’s really so much more than that.  The basic premise is that danger girl is the code name for a group of female secret agents each with a different specialty led by Deuce who’s a dead ringer for a white bearded Sean Connery.  The girls have gone up against a variety of villains over the years most notably the evil Hammer Empire who are a sub-group of the Nazis.   The Nazi influence is clear in this figure of Major Maxim who is the muscle and leader of the Hammer forces.

I know I say every figure on here is awesome but this one truly is balls out awesome.  I think this may be the first figure from McFarlane Toys that I’ve reviewed but it won’t be the last.  Actually no, the Steve Yzerman figure I reviewed was an early McFarlane toy.  If you checked out my review of that toy than you already have an idea of the quality of toys they produce.  Their attention to detail is unmatched.  Maxim here for instance is wearing a leather coat that has a ton of texturing detail just like you would see on a real leather jacket.  This figure is an impressive hunk of plastic that has a lot of weight to him.  I’m a sucker for big clunky feet on my toys, partly because they look cool and partly because it keeps them from falling over and this guy delivers.  Those boots look like they could stomp the shit out of my other action figures.   And look at the size of his fist, not to mention his gun.  This guy would f**k you up.  This figure doesn’t have a ton of articulation but that actually works for this figure as I imagine him to be rather stiff and slow.  The base that he comes with has an amazing cloth banner which makes him a great display piece.  This figure is just plain gnarly.  10 out of 10.


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