Black Cat is one of my very favorite Marvel Characters, like top 5.  And I know what you’re thinking but it’s not because of the two obvious reasons which are so well defined on this particular action figure.  It’s true that as far as fictional characters go the Black Cat is hot.  She’s always been portrayed as a real naughty girl and she’s usually drawn by artists that specialize in the female form.  The main reason I like her so much is that oh so powerful nostalgia factor.  Black cat appeared in the first Spider-Man comic book I ever bought.  Spectacular Spider-Man 119 featured the villain Sabertooth on the hunt for Spider-Man.  Sabertooth is now a well established Wolverine villain but at the time he had only fought Power Man, Iron Fist and I think Daredevil.  he was a relatively new villain who Spider-Man had apparently beaten down a couple issues earlier.  In this issue Sabertooth was back for revenge and tracking Spider-Man by scent.  Spidey was stuck in a crowded house party and wasn’t sure how to get away unnoticed without revealing his identity to all in attendance, as Sabertooth was outside calling out Spider-Man.   Luckily Spidey’s on again off again girlfriend Felicia Hardy was on the scene.  She donned her Black Cat costume and single handedly defeated Sabertooth with Spider-Man looking on helplessly.  This issue established her as no mere damsel in distress, she was tough, sexy and mean and for lack of a better term I was in love.

This particular figure is from the Marvel Select line which is a premium line of figures by Diamond Select Toys.  They are 6″ in height and feature lots of detail and accessories.  Sometimes the figures are based on a particular artist’s interpretation and this Black Cat is based on the beautiful artwork of Terry Dodson.  He is one of the aforementioned masters of the female form hence the great sculpt on this figure.  The figure doesn’t feature much movement but does have nice detailing in the folds on her leather catsuit and the tufts of fur accenting the boots and gloves.  The face sculpt is actually pretty which isn’t easy to do on an action figure.  The display base included in this figure is fantastic as well.  it feature a wood floor and a wall behind it with an open window.  A full size model of Spider-man is peering in at her.  She includes a toy safe equipped with cash and jewels for her to steel as she is primarily a cat-burglar and a super-hero second.  A great display piece which always draws people’s attention. 9 out of 10.


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