I love the weirdness of The Masters of the Universe line.  It’s like the inhabitants of the island of misfits toys got mashed together into their own nonsensical  toyline.  A Musclebound viking riding a cat teams up with a goofy wizard, a robot elephant, a bee-man, a bird-man, and a bunch of other freaks to battle a skeleton, a fish-man, an ape-man, a sorceress, a bunch of snake people etc. to defend a medieval world full of spaceships.  It’s weird.  The accompanying cartoon and comic books helped make sense of how all these outcasts came together so that it worked.  Out of the wide array of choices my favorite character by far is Mer-Man.  I guess I have a thing for fishy green dudes as Walrus Man was my favorite star Wars character.   The comic books treated Mer-Man with respect as he was actually the ruler of an underwater kingdom  and quite a capable villain.  Merman is usually portrayed as a bumbling idiot in the cartoons but when I played with him my version was the former, a cunning and deadly henchman of Skeletor.

As I touched on in my very first post on this blog when I reviewed Kobra Kahn there have been a few versions of the MOTU cast.  The original 80s versions, the more dynamic and anime inspired 200X line, and the modern day MOTU Classics which take the best bits of the previous 2 versions and combine them.  This version of Mer-Man is from the modern classics line.  This is a perfect Mer-man.  He looks like he should and the colors are spot on.  He’s durable and heavy yet posable and playable.  Most toys I collect these days are too delicate to be handled by children but the MOTU Classics could handle a few hours in the sandbox I’m sure.  The original version was short and squat and he had a ridiculous face sculpt that looked nothing like how he was depicted on the package and in the cartoons.  Those problems were corrected on the 200X version but that figure’s colors were brown and orange instead of yellow and he was hardly the muscleman that he used to be.  This version is the perfect go between.  I’ll add a pic of the 3 versions together so you can see what I mean.  The accessories included are great, a trident, a sword and even a swappable head in case you prefer the weird cat-like one from the 80s.  I didn’t realize until I was looking for decent pics of him on the net that his sword can actually be stored on the back of his armor when not in use which is a cool feature as I hate having a bunch of loose accessories hanging around.  10 out of 10.


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