IRON MAN Classic Armor (Mark V)


So here it is 7:00pm on New Years Eve and I’m sitting alone in my room writing about action figures.  You might be thinking “no shit, what else would a guy who has a blog about his collection of action figures be doing on New Years.”  Well I’ll have you know that I have a fun filled night with friends ahead of me but I just wanted to crank out one more post before I get into the booze.  In honor of this night of heavy drinking I’ve decided to review the only alcoholic action figure I have, Iron Man.  Most of you probably don’t know this but Iron man had a serious drinking problem for a while in the comic books and he still struggles with it to this day.  When he was at his worst he had to stop being Iron man and his pal Rhodey had to fill in for him.  I have many different Iron Man figures but this is the specific suit of armor that he was sporting during that dark time in his career and it is one of my favorites.  Many of the suits he’s worn in recent years have been too mechanical looking and the really old ones were too clunky.  This one is just right in the middle and to me is the definitive armor.

This figure was released as part of the IROM MAN 2 series of figures which is basically a subset of the larger Marvel Universe  series.  The figure is really nice looking with a primary metallic red paint job with a complimenting yellow.  The blue reactor in his chest breaks up the colors nicely and looks better than the previously released version with a yellow reactor.   The articulation is pretty basic but does the trick and his accessories are pretty neat.  He comes with two translucent red pieces of plastic which act as a repulsor blast from his hand and a rocket boost from his boot.  Well I’m off to go get drunk.  Happy new year everyone.  7 out of 10.


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I'm a dude that collects toys and writes. I figured I'd combine my hobbies.

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