This is probably one of the stranger action figures that I own.  The Yak was a supporting character in the Ren and Stimpy animated television show which aired on MTV in the states and on MUCH MUSIC up here in Canada.  It was one of those weird 90s era teen oriented cartoons akin to Beavis and Butthead and even the Simpsons which I remember my parents not wanting me to watch at the time.  I believe the Yak appeared on a few occasions but this figure is based off of the short “Yak Shaving Day” .  This minute and a half long skit featured Ren and Stimpy decorating their home with dirty diapers and filling their boots with coleslaw as is tradition when waiting for the Shaven Yak to creep into your house through your bathtub drain and shave himself in your bathroom.  If you’re lucky he’ll have left you some shaving scum in the sink to treasure the next morning.  So yes, somehow this retarded little skit justified an action figure, and yes I bought it.

If you can look past the sheer pointlessness of such a figure he’s actually a pretty nice toy.  He’s big and heavy but his little legs support his weight quite well.  He’s got some nice details such as stubble sprinkled across his body and he comes with accessories that make sense, a razor and some shaving cream.  The sculptor of this piece has done a very good job at translating the 2D character into 3 dimensions and he retains the look of the original art.  I challenge you to find a better shaven yak figure.  8 out of 10.


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I'm a dude that collects toys and writes. I figured I'd combine my hobbies.

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