Hello again everyone (humor me) and welcome to 2012.  I hope you had a good New Years.  I spent mine at home drinking champagne with my lovely lady.  We did  have a couple of friends pop by for a little while.  My good pal Scott and his gal Robyn.  Apparently it has been 7 years since I’ve seen them which still doesn’t sound right to me but I guess that’s how long ago it was that he moved away.  I figured my first post of the new year would be a tribute to my pal Scotty who I don’t see nearly enough.  Hopefully it won’t be another 7 years.  Scott grew up loving 80s toys like I did but like most people when he hit puberty he grew out of it.  Early on in our friendship he offered to give me some of his old toys that he still had in a box to add to my collection.  He gave me a handful of 80s era Star Wars figures which I had either never owned or had given away in my foolish tween years.  The highlight of this donation was this Dewback.  I never had the Dewback as a kid but would have loved one as I’m a sucker for monsters of any kind.  The bigger the better.  (The Rancor is another White Whale of my collection that I will own one day)  Dewbacks are the creatures that the storm troopers ride around on while searching for their escaped droids on Tatooine.  They had very little screen time in the original series because they were pretty crappily made and didn’t operate properly.  When the films were remastered with added footage for the special editions CG Dewbacks were added all over the place.  I actually have a nice Dewback from the 90s figure line when those editions hit theatres.  Let’s forget about my nicely detailed modern figure for the time being and focus on this ugly hunk of green.

Not that I don’t appreciate it Scott but this thing just doesn’t hold up.  It looks like a big dumb fat happy salamander.  I appreciate that they tried to make it rideable by placing a trap door in it’s back that you could jam a figure into which made them disappear from the waste down but it just doesn’t look right.  Even the green they chose for this thing is ugly.  I would’ve loved it as a kid but only because I wouldn’t have had Dewback options.  Compared to what I have now this thing is an action figure FAIL.  Congrats Cosmos, you’re no longer the lowest rated toy on here. 2 out of 10.


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I'm a dude that collects toys and writes. I figured I'd combine my hobbies.

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