I’ve been a South Park fan since the beginning and yet I’m always surprised by how much I enjoy each new season.  I never watch it on T.V. and only watch it when the seasons come out on DVD and then I have myself a little marathon and watch them all in a day or two.  Every time I shell out the cash for one of these sets I wonder if I’m wasting my money, do I really need to buy this etc.  But then I get it home and in the DVD player and am always amazed at how topical and funny the episodes continue to be.  I felt the same when buying these action figures in 2003.  Do I really need them?  They’re hardly action figures, most only move at the neck and nowhere else.  Will I really still want these things 5 years from now when the show is long gone?  Well the toys won the argument as they usually do and I bought every figure released in the first 2 assortments and I’m glad I did.  The show is still going strong and these figures are hard to come by these days.  They are still the best looking figures produced of these characters.  Another company makes South park figures now but they’re smaller and just not as impressive.  My South Park figures are actually the only figures I have on display in the “main area” of the apartment.  Most toys are kept in the man-cave but these big headed lovable guys grace the top of my DVD shelves on either side of my T.V.  Towelie unfortunately can not be found anywhere.  He is kept in a box full of toy accessories in the closet.

Towelie was a ridiculous character who fans really took too and this prompted return appearances on the show and a slew of merchandise.  The Towelie towel making the most sense.  I thought Towelie was great and continue to use his catch phrases to this day.  I was glad he showed up in the second wave of South park figures so that I could display him with the boys.  The problem with Towelie is his little legs are just too damn small and cannot support the weight of his body.  Towelie falls down constantly and even leaning him doesn’t seem to work because of his odd shape.  Being that he is so hard to display he gets relegated to the box of accessories with the under pants gnomes and Ike.  Other than the standing problem this is a nice figure.  He’s textured and painted to look like a real towel and the pink eyes and stupid smile just scream “I’m a stoned towel”.  One of the best things about Towelie is the fact that he came with the South Park town sign which is needed to complete any South Park display.  3 out of 10.


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I'm a dude that collects toys and writes. I figured I'd combine my hobbies.

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