Quick G.I. Joe history lesson CHAPTER 1: I could go on and on about G.I. Joe for days but I’m going to try and educate those of you who may not be familiar in a very quick little history lesson.  G.I. Joe first came about in the 60s as a 12 inch doll with removable clothes akin to a Barbie Doll.  G.I. Joe was a single guy whom you could buy in multiple outfits again similar to Barbie.  You could buy Pilot Joe, Navy Joe, Medic Joe etc.  This went on for many years and when the army wasn’t so popular any more they changed Joe to an adventurer more like Indiana Jones.  Adventure Joe’s popularity eventually died off as well and the Joe line was cancelled in the mid 70s.  With the HUGE success of Star Wars figures in the early 80s Hasbro decided to relaunch G.I.Joe in a style that mimicked the successful Star Wars formula.  The figures were much smaller, only 3 3/4 inches now and instead of being a single guy, G.I. Joe was now the name of a whole team.  The initial figures that came out were very militaristic but as the line grew the characters got weirder and more diverse.  One of the huge reasons for the new Joe lines success was the inclusion of an enemy for them to fight: enter COBRA a ruthless terrorist organization determined to rule the world.  The figures of this era were well made surpassing even the mighty Star Wars line in detail and articulation and they were supported by a popular cartoon and comic book series.  This is the era when I got hooked.  As the years went on the show and comic eventually got cancelled and Hasbro tried a number of different things to keep the toys interesting.  Things got very gimmicky and sci-fi.  Not all of their ideas were gold.  Sometimes you ended up with a figure like Bushido here and the line was finally cancelled in 1994.

The reason I chose Bushido for this post is because I knew I wanted to talk about the figures in general and not focus on any one guy; and with this guy there’s not much to say.  I had already quit buying joes when this doofus came out and this one belonged to my little brother Brian.  When Brian got older and lost interest in his toys he gave them all to me.  I have zero sentimental attachment to Bushido.  This version of the character features what they called Inviso-power where if you dip him in warm water his colors will change.  Bushido is a member of the sub-group ninja force as the G.I. Joe line was littered with ninjas near the end.  The ninja theme and color change gimmick partnered with a slew of bright blue weaponry makes this guy hella lame in my book. 2 out of 10.


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