G.I. Joe (Joe Colton) v2


Quick G.I. Joe History Lesson CHAPTER 2:  Other than the odd promotional piece or store exclusive figure the G.I. Joe brand lay dormant for nearly a decade.  It wasn’t until 2002 that Hasbro brought G.I. Joe back to the toy shelves in a new line called G.I. Joe vs Cobra.  These figures were sold in two packs that contained a member of each team.  The popularity of Joe wasn’t near what it was at it’s height in the 80s but it was back with a vengeance and hundreds of new figures were produced.  A new comic book series was launched and a couple of direct to video computer animated movies were released to support the line.  The line expanded into the release of single packed figures, figure 6 packs and a slew of new vehicles.  Though these figures resembled their predecessors from the 80s and could be displayed side by side with them, there were clear differences in the design.  Most of the figures released during this time had really odd proportions like long arms and small torsos.  Though not perfect collectors like myself were just stoked to have new Joes to buy.  These figures became known as the “new-sculpt” era of G.I. Joe.  The new sculpt figures came to an end in 2006.  Some of the figures from this era I absolutely love while others are a total eyesore.  Now before I get into this particular figure I have another quick anecdote. In issue 86 of the original G.I. Joe comic book series published in 1989 the G.I.Joe team met the original G.I. Joe.  The character from the 12″ doll line from the 60s was integrated into this new Joe universe which was a cool nod to old school fans.  I’ve included at the bottom of this post a pic of the original Joe and the issue that brought him into the modern era of Joe.

Anyway, it wasn’t until 2006 that I finally got a figure of the Joe himself who had since been given a proper backstory and a real name, Joe Colton.  Bruce Willis will be playing Joe in the upcoming G.I. Joe retaliation movie coming out this summer.  How cool is that?  Now as happy as I am to have this now legendary character in plastic form I’m going to have to place this figure in the eyesore category.  As I mentioned was the problem with a lot of new sculpt era figures his proportions are just way off.  His camo pattern is bland and his uniform just doesn’t make sense.  He’s got cowboy boots on and a pair of holsters on his hips like he’s ready to defend the Alamo.  It is not a worthy figure to represent such an important character in the G.I. Joe mythology.  I’m sure we’ll get a better one when the new movie hits theaters.  As much as I’d love a G.I. Joe with Bruce Willis’s face I hope they release a bearded version for us old school fans. 3 out of 10.

not part of my collection unfortunately


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