I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned previously that I like Monsters and Big Creatures.  Well after The Undisputed King of Monsters: Godzilla there is a pretty clearly defined prince of the monsters that looms large over all lesser beasts, KING KONG.  I’ve loved Kong since I was little and was introduced to him with the film KING KONG LIVES.  While not a great film I didn’t know any better at the time and was fascinated by the giant ape.  It took about 20 years for hollywood to revisit Kong in the much hyped KING KONG 2005 by Peter Jackson.  I liked that movie, some parts I loved, but other parts were just plain agonizing.  Seeing Kong fight 3 T-Rex’s at once is pretty awesome but I could’ve done without the hour plus of build up with Jack Black and a bunch of other characters which later become irrelevant.   The 2005 version is way to bloated to be enjoyed over and over again and the late 70s version and 80s sequel that introduced me to Kong are pretty weak as well and filled with effects that don’t hold up.  I’d say you should go find the 1933 film to enjoy the best version of Kong.  I didn’t see this version until I was in my 20s but it still holds up as an amazing film.  The stop motion animation on Kong and the other creatures may be an out dated process but it has to be respected.  The lush jungles and city scenes are both very well done and Kong’s screen presence is palpable.

This Kong figure isn’t based on any one particular version I wouldn’t say.  More of a general Kong look as he’s appeared in so many forms over the years (the worst being King Kong vs Godzilla. ugh)   It’s a great look though and is unmistakably Kong.  Like all McFarlane toys the sculpting is top notch with fine detailing all through the fur.  The thick dust all over my figure really accentuates the detail.  The face really captures the look of a crazed ape breaking free from his shackles and ready to f**k  up your day.  The paint detail in the eyes and the sculpted teeth and tongue in his open mouth really add some believability to this toy.  He has shackles sculpted on each oh his hands and feet and around his waste.  The shackles all have a few links of busted chain hanging from them to give him that “freshly escaped” look.   For accessories Kong includes an appropriate stage display complete with chains to shackle him and a small version of his human love interest Ann Darrow (portrayed by Fay Wray in the original film) that fits in his hand.  He’s an impressive figure standing nearly 10″ tall and when displayed on his base is even bigger.  More articulation would have been nice as with all McFarlane figures but he has enough that he’s still more toy than statue  so that’s good.  8 out of 10.


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  1. Huh. I’ve owned this figure for almost 10 years now (I’m a huge Kong fan and found a way to afford this while I was in college) and never noticed that Darrow fit into Kong’s paw. Read “the Girl in the Hairy Paw” for the amazing backstory behind the original Kong.

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