Cool Superman villains are hard to come by.  The character’s been around since forever and I can count the number of decent enemies he has on one hand.  Of those 5 designated evil fingers one is most definitely reserved for Zod.  I was introduced to the character  Zod way back in my childhood when I first watched the Christopher Reeve Superman movies.  Terrence Stamp played him brilliantly and whenever I read a comic book with Zod in it I always hear Mr. Stamps unmistakable voice in my head.  General Zod got a bit of a makeover in the 2007 storyline “Last Son”  drawn by the very talented Adam Kubert.  The story line was about Superman finding a young Kryptonian boy and raising him as his own only to later find out that he is the son of his enemy Zod.  It was a notable story because it was co-written by Richard Donner who directed the first two Christopher Reeve Superman movies.  This was Donner’s first time revisiting the world of Superman since being kicked off the second Superman movie in 1980.  Donner and co-writer Geoff Johns used this story line to introduce the character of Zod and his followers Ursa and Non into the current DC continuity as they had been absent for decades.  Ever since this story line Zod has been a mainstay in Superman comics.

This figure captures Kubert’s  art style quite well and gives Zod a modern/matrix vibe  I like the way his coat is sculpted blowing in the wind.  The figure’s pose which makes him appear to be in mid-step doesn’t really work and hinders how he can be displayed.  He always seems to have a bit of a lean going.  It’s a pretty cool figure of a pretty cool version of a pretty cool character but it’s hardly the best they could’ve done.  Here’s hoping a better Zod figure awaits.  5 out of 10.extreme close upKubert's art from "Last Son"


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