As much as I’m a Marvel junkie if there’s one corner of the Marvel universe in which I am not well versed it’s the X-Men books.  I haven’t read the X-Men books on a regular basis since the early 90s.  There’s just so god damn many of them and they are just way too confusing.  There are so many alternate timelines in the X-Men books that I never know what the hell is going on.  For example Mr. Sinister here cloned Cyclops’s dead at the time girlfriend Jean Grey to create a duplicate named Madelyne Pryor (who later became the Goblin Queen)whom Cyclops married and had a baby with.  The baby was sent into the future but he returned a couple years later as a cyborg named Cable now years older than his parents.  Cable later returned to the future to raise a baby named Hope is was destined to be the mutant messiah and then returned back to the present no older himself but with  Hope now grown into a teenager.  Somewhere in there a mid 20’s version of Cable also travelled from another timeline and took the name X-Man. and so on and so on.

Convoluted backstory aside this is a pretty nice figure of what is honestly a pretty ridiculous looking character.  Mr. Sinister is supposed to be a big evil mastermind mad geneticist and yet he dresses like he’s trying out for the Rocky Horror Picture Show on Broadway.  I know a lot of comic characters have silly costumes but come on, this is just weird.  At least it’s a unique character design.  The body sculpt on this guy is nice and his face is great. I wish he had more of a neck as he comes across a little hunchy.  The feathered cape is done really well but I wish it snapped into place as it just kind of rests on his shoulders.  Not fantastic, not bad though.  6 out of 10.


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I'm a dude that collects toys and writes. I figured I'd combine my hobbies.

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