I have decided to re-visit the Neo-Viper because I feel I may have been a little hard on him last time.  This figure is the exact same as the one I reviewed earlier this week except instead of grey he’s painted red.  A simple color change can sometimes make a big difference and I think that’s the case with Crimson Neo-Viper.  I still don’t love him but he’s an improvement over the grey one.  My resentment towards Neo-Viper stems from the fact that this is the design they went with for the live action movie, G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra (ROC).  There have been so many great Cobra trooper designs over the years including the standard blue and black outfit their infantry has worn since 1982.  When I first saw the ROC Neo-Viper design I just hated it. They seemed too science-fictiony and they did not resemble the COBRA troopers that I know and love from my childhood.   That was pretty much the case with the entire movie.  The character names were there and some of the story elements were familiar but most  of the characters didn’t look right and it just didn’t really feel like MY G.I.Joe.  Judging from the amazing trailer for G.I. Joe 2 which is due out this summer it looks like they’ve fixed a lot of those problems.  The Neo-Vipers appear to gone; replaced by much more COBRA looking troopers.  So now that the resentment has passed I can look at this figure objectively.  They released this figure in several colors and with a few slight armor variations in a very short time.  The red one is my favorite and even the grey one is far better than the pale green and purple ones they released.   There’s lots of small detailing in the mold, such as the  scratched texture to the armor, which I think the red paint scheme shows off better.  The face of the Neo-Vipers is pretty creepy and they look almost alien with their big black eyes.  I’m not sure what’s up with all the weird detailing around the mouth, I think it’s there to allow the soldier to breath but it almost looks like a skeletal smile and I’m not sure if that’s intentional.  I like the accessories that this guy came with.  He has a big dumb missle launcher and a couple of guns like the previous Neo-Viper but this one also came with a pair of axes, a machete, a pike, and a little rubber snake.  I’m not sure why an infantry soldier like this would have all these bladed weapons but it does make him seem a little more bad-ass.  6 out of 10.


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  1. this guy is also cool! 🙂


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