In my last Battle Beast review I covered Triple Threat Snake.  I pointed out that the toy designers didn’t shy away from putting animals that didn’t even legs into their line of armored animal warriors.  At least a snake is a cool and scary animal and is often used to represent evil and cunning.  An expansive line of battling beasts pulled from all corners of the animal kingdom would have seemed lacking without a dastardly serpent amongst them.  But a seahorse?  Other than a butterfly I’m hard pressed to think of a gayer animal.  Was it really necessary to take this fruity little fish and try to make him seem tough when there were so many other cooler animal to pick from?  I say hell yes.  I love this guy and gay or not I think seahorses are one of the coolest critters that we have on this mudball.  They are just so bizarre and freaky looking that how could you not help but love these guys?  There’s a bar here in downtown Halifax called The Seahorse that used to have live seahorses swimming around in a large tank behind the bar which was awesome.  I’m not sure what they have in there now, maybe just fish.  The Seahorse has been around since the 40s and my dad used to frequent it when he was a young drunken hooligan.  It was actually the first bar I ever went to when I was 16 or 17.  The drinking age here is 19 but my cousin Greg who was a regular brought me in with him so nobody questioned it.  I remember getting wasted and saying something stupid to some guy who then wanted to beat me up but Greg escorted me to safety.  Good times.

Anyway, this figure is probably the coolest seahorse figure that you’re ever going to get.  They maybe could’ve given him a darker blue armor as the aqua doesn’t help to toughen him up but that’s a minor complaint.  The sculpting is good as it usually is on the Battle Beasts with the waffle patterned skin and the sea shell shoulder pads being a nice touch.  The painted lights on his chest armor seem practical too as I can imagine this guy exploring dark ocean depths on a mission. The trident weapon is also a good fit.  I still don’t like these names though, he’s Battle-Seahorse as far as I’m concerned. 7 out of 10.


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I'm a dude that collects toys and writes. I figured I'd combine my hobbies.

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  1. Seashorse was also my first bar escapade, also when I was 16 or 17 and also with you. Was it actually your second time? I don’ t think so, but I don’t recall your cousin being there, but Joe N. was there.
    You had on your spider man backpack at the time heh, and it was an adventure. At least as I remember it.

    Apparently, no one got ID’d back then.

    • It was my second time. My cousin had taken me like a week or two prior so when I was downtown with you and Joe I remember telling you guys, “we can get in here, they won’t ID us.” I wouldn’t have braved it otherwise. Good times.

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