Talk about a nerdgasm.  When I first saw that this thing was being released as a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive in the summer of 2011 my first thought was the I NEED THIS TOY.  The Sky Striker is the G.I. Joe F-14 jet that was originally released in 1984.  I still have mine but it’s a little worse for wear.  This thing was a cool ass toy.  For starters it was big, you could fit two joes in the cockpit and then fly it around the room via the bomb/handle on the bottom.  One of the best vehicles released in the entire line and there were many.

Starscream is the ever-scheming second-in-command of the Decepticons, the evil faction of Transformers.  I loved Starscream’s portrayal in the comic books and even more so in the cartoons.  He was voiced spectacularly by Chris Latta who also provided Cobra Commander with his high pitched raspy  voice.  The new characters sounded nearly identical.   Starscream was constantly trying to usurp power from his leader Megatron and always acting in his own best interests.  Starscream was probably the most interesting character in the early Transformers cartoons and it’s a shame he was one of the many victims of Transformers: The Movie in ’86.

G.I. Joe and Transformers are technically totally separate properties who should have no reason to cross over with one another.  However the toys were both produced by Hasbro, the cartoons were both animated by Sunbow and the comics were both published by Marvel.  Plus they were the two biggest toy properties for boys in the 80s so it seemed only natural to have them cross paths from time to time.  There were a few nods in the cartoons, such as Agent Fairborne who was a friend of the Transformers was clearly supposed to be the daughter of Joe characters Lady Jaye and Flint Fairborne and another episode had a mysterious terrorist with a raspy voice and metal face known as the Snake tormenting the Transformers.  The comic books had the most effective cross-over with the Joes meeting the Transformers in a 4 issue mini-series that had the Joes accidentally killing Bumblebee in the first issue.  The toys though never did cross over, until now.

The convention exclusive Sky Striker F14 was painted and included decals to make it appear to be Starscream.  Starscream was technically and F15 but this was close enough.  The jet has Starscream’s signature orange cockpit canopy, blue nose cone and tail fins.  The decals include various size Decepticon logos,  a mock Transformers rub symbol, and an Autobot kill-count.  These few small details make this jet unmistakably Starscream and it is just awesome.  A wicked Cobra Commander in pilot gear was included with Starscream and best of all Cobra Commander’s gun is a miniature version of Megatron in his gun mode.  The box this thing comes in is even awesome, it’s drawn up to look like a comic book cover for a non-existent 5th issue of the cross-over mini series.  These small details elevate this thing to being a true gem in my massive toy collection.  10 out of 10.


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