Can you believe I nearly passed on this set?  What was I thinking?  Thank goodness for sales.  You see these Modern era MOTU figures are only available through Mattel’s website  On the 15th of each month a new figure goes up for sale which usually sells out within 24 hours.  After that you’re outta luck and you gotta buy them on Ebay.  They’ve been doing this long enough now that they’ve built a substantial back catalogue of the most popular characters so what usually happens now is each month 1 new figure will come out and 1 re-issued figure will be made available as well.  A couple of times a year they also release a bigger specialty figure like Battle Cat, Swiftwind, a vehicle or in this case a two-pack of figures.  These bigger releases are obviously more expensive so you must be a little choosier of what you order.  When this set was offered I decided to skip it.  It was cool and all but not worth my hard earned dollars.  In the MOTU cartoons He-Man’s alter ego Prince Adam lived in a castle that was protected by an army of palace guards.  The leader of the guards was Man-At-Arms and he was one of the main characters in the series and always one of the first toys produced in a new line.  The legions of other nameless palace guards made up of all the many races that lived on Eternia usually just kept to the background.  Well this set was the first time that a pair of extra guards was made available in action figure form.  Like I said, it was a cool idea but since they weren’t “name” characters I decided I didn’t need them. They quickly sold out as expected and that was that.  But then Black Friday rolled around and I got an email from mattycollector that they were having a big online sale beginning at 4:00am Atlantic Time.  So like the toy collecting chump that I am I set my alarm and hauled myself outta bed in the wee hours once the alarm started buzzing.  To my surprise they had made almost all of the previously released and now sold out figures available for a limited time and at a discounted price to boot.  These palace guards who were once $30 were now $18 and I could not resist.

Once these figures arrived I was floored by their awesomeness.  The paint apps and sculpting is top notch as it always is on MOTU classics but it is the customization of these figures that really seals the deal.  The set come with 4 heads, a white guy, a black guy, a lizard-man and a cat-man, it comes with multiple chest pieces so you can change the chest emblems, it even as battle damaged pieces in case you want it to appear as though they just got their asses kicked.  They have optional faceplates to put over their faces and a variety of weapons to choose from.  I could’ve bought 2 more of these sets and none of the figures have to be the same.  It’s executed brilliantly and I would’ve loved this when I was a kid.  I think this set is totally fantastic and worth every penny of the original asking price. 10 out of 10.


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