This is Kup.  He was introduced in Transformers: The Movie in 1986 just like a couple of previously reviewed characters, Cyclonus and Unicron.  Because I reviewed two figures from that movie already I had planned on staying away from them for a while, but then my buddy Adam commented in one of my posts that he had some shitty blue transformer whose name he couldn’t remember.  I suspect it was Kup.  Kup was pretty hard to swallow when first introduced, he was supposed to be this wise old robot who had seen it all.  His schtick was that every time the Transformers found themselves in a “situation” Kup would say “This reminds me off the time  I crash landed on the moon of Nebulon and…” or  “This reminds me of the time when we were surrounded by Mynocks in the outer rim…” Shit like that.  I didn’t like being told to accept this guy as the wise old sage.   We already had Iron Hide, what was wrong with him?  But as I’ve said of all these characters they’ve grown on me over time.  No longer are they replacements of old favorites but they fight alongside them.  In the currently running Transformers comics Kup is portrayed as more of a grizzled cigar chomping general that an overly talkative grandpa.  It’s an improvement.

This figure is a vast improvement over the original as well.  No longer do Transformers have to look so boxy and stiff.  Modern articulation allows a Transformer to have more natural human movements which greatly improves the playability and the look.  Kup  looks like he should and the lines on his face that seem to age him don’t look unnatural and pointless like Unicron’s beard and mustache.  The colors are about the same as the original which I appreciate more than Adam did.  I really like how these modern Transformers figures look so much like the originals and are yet so improved that you start to remember the originals better than they were.  I’ve included a pic of the original for comparison.  Kup makes nice use of the light piping in the eyes and the included rifle is a nice looking accessory.  And though I don’t really care about their vehicle modes, the fact that Kup now transformers into an actual truck instead of some gay future sled truck is a big improvement.  8 out of 10.

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  1. That’s him alright. The truck form isn’t as bad, but man that hover sled sucked.
    And its not that he is all that horrible, (not even his colour). BUt if you only had three transformers, would you want this to be one of them?

    Didn’t think so.

  2. I like Kup. True, he was an Ironhide replacement, but then Hasbro had a habit of regurgitating character specialities / characteristics in both G.I.JOE and The Transformers toy lines…I own the Takara Tomy reissue of the G1 version which came with Wheelie (Youth and Sagacity I suppose…).

    In case you’re wondering, he transformed into a Cybertronian Pick Up Truck, hence the name ‘Kup’…its not a ‘hover sledge’ as Adam said back in 2012….and therein answers your own question when you reviewed Nosecone recently Mike.

    Whenever I see these Generations / Universe versions of classic characters, it simply reiterates my utter disgust and disdain for the Bay travesties….the egotism of designers who wanted to make their OWN mark on classic toy characters and ruining their aesthetics utterly….Toys like Kup here prove that film versions could look like this, and not massive blurry bits of Meccano and Knex….or, for that matter, metallic turds….*heavy sighhhh*. I want a Generations Kup now……….!

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