When the Ghostbusters movie first came out I f**k’n loved it.  It seemed like an absolute crime that there wasn’t action figures available.  I remember me and my brother Doug sitting in our back yard in Borden Ontario lamenting this fact and imagining what the figures would be like.  How would the guns work?   The traps could open and light up with the push of a button.  They could be AMAZING!  That never happened.   But a while later the cartoon came out and action figures based on it soon followed.  I liked the cartoon, don’t get me wrong but I couldn’t understand why they changed the characters so much.  I didn’t know about likeness rights as a kid so I hated that Egon no longer looked like Harold Ramis and instead looked like a scrawny blonde nerd with an Elvis haircut.  And why was ray fat?  I liked the cartoon but it killed my desire to want Ghostbusters figures.  The kind of toys I dreamed about as a kid actually exist now but I’m kind of over it.  My little brother Brian was pretty into the animated style toys though and had a bunch of them, humans, ghosts, the car and this guy, The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.  When Brian decided to get rid of his toys as he entered his teens I let most of the Ghostbusters go the way of the yard-sale, but not this guy.

The figure isn’t great but it does the trick.  I would’ve preferred if he was bigger as this figure at about 6″ tall was roughly the same size as the Ghostbusters.  He’s hollow plastic and his articulation is limited to the arms and the head.  The main thing I care about though is that it looks like the source material and it does.  Even though this is technically from the animated series he looks just as he did on the big screen.  Like Ray Stantz how could you not help but love this guy, he’s just so damn happy.  6 out of 10.


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I'm a dude that collects toys and writes. I figured I'd combine my hobbies.

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  1. I was in an argument with someone the other night about how the original stay pufft was only 6″ tall and they kept swearing it was bigger. Can’t remember who it was but now I feel vindicated.

    • You are correct Andrew. Your friend is dumb. I wish the old school one was closer to the size of the one you have then I could display him with my Godzilla and King Kong in a true Monster melee.

  2. I had that Stay Puft as well, and man, he did not stay white. His marshmellow flesh would take on the colour of just about everything he came into contact with.

    • This pic isn’t of my exact one but mine is still pretty white. I guess Brian wasn’t as rough with him as you were. I hate when white toys yellow over time. My old Storm Shadows look like they pissed all over themselves.

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