I don’t intend to review toys in groups like this very often but I don’t think I could write three full posts on these guys;  or maybe I could because they’re pretty awesome.  I snagged these fellas at my local comic shop  Strange Adventures which as of typing this are the only retailer outside of Ontario selling these.  They just came out last week and have been getting a fair bit of press in the local media.  I was at the comic shop today to grab my weekly Wednesday haul and there was actually a news team shooting a story about them.  I won’t regurgitate those articles here but basically a couple of Canadian Forces guys thought there should be action figures representing our Country’s servicemen and  I couldn’t agree more.  There is a Canadian G.I. Joe convention that releases a limited number of exclusive Canadian themed Joes each year which is pretty sweet but they are still piggybacking on “A Real American Hero”.  These 3 figures here are 100% Canadian which makes them unique.  These guys are actually all the exact same other than their facial hair, beret logos. and packaging.  That may seem kind of cheap but makes a lot of sense for a small scale project like this to cut costs. Besides when the original Joes came out they pretty much did the same thing with just 3 or 4 different sculpts mixed and matched to give the illusion of 13 unique characters.  The facial hair actually does a pretty good job at making these guys appear to be different figures at first glance.  Each guy is given a name , an occupation, a location and an age on the packaging but the bio is less specific and just gives a shout out to that division of the armed forces.  One thing that doesn’t quite jive with me is the ages, Beardo (Watson-Navy) does not look 22 to me and Selleck (Sperry-Army) certainly doesn’t look 19.   Thibodeau the baby faced Air-Force guy is apparently the oldest of the bunch at 27.   The characters are named after the creators who I want to give mad props and my thanks to , Shannon Thibodeau and John Sperry.

The packaging is rather plain but very Canadian ( we’re not a flashy bunch).  The look of the figures is actually very impressive.  They appear to be of high quality but I haven’t opened mine so I can’t say for sure.  The camouflage paint job is done very well and the logos on the berets are great.  They don’t come with any weapons which is also very Canadian.  The only accessory is a numbered dog-tag telling you your figures number out of the 6000 produced.  $1 of each figure sold goes to the Soldiers Fund charity which is nice fringe benefit of purchasing these guys.  My Dad was in the army and I spent my early childhood growing up on base Borden in Ontario where the real Thibodeau is stationed so that’s kind of cool,  and the real Sperry lives in Nova Scotia where I am now, also cool.  Plus the bearded one reminds me of my Dad a bit.  The first Joe Doug ever brought home was Breaker of the original line who we thought looked like our Dad at the time and that spurred out interest in joe in the first place.  I really hope these things are a huge success which prompts them to make more.  I’d be willing to box up some super heroes to make room for some Heroes Forces.  Check out the website    8 out of 10.

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  1. I heard about these guys in some news story, and its a pretty cool concept. Glad to see they made your shelf.

    • I’m debating on buying another set. One to open and one to keep in package. I’m usually not a “keep in package” type of guy but these guys look pretty nice in theirs and they are limited editions.

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