Like a lot MOTU figures I had as a kid Tri-clops was mostly cool….in my mind.   Toys had such great back stories back then with great cartoons and comics but the toys were usually a little less than you hoped for.  They never quite looked how you wished they looked.  I knew Tri-clops was supposed to be a bad-ass so that’s how I imagined him but in truth the toy was pretty goofy looking.  Short and squat like all He-Men and though the triple eye concept was cool it looked far from cool in action figure form.  The old figure reminds me of the retarded looking cyclops from the 80s “classic” movie KRULL.  That is not a compliment to Mr. Tri-Clops.  Check out the movie if you haven’t seen it though, it’s 80s fantasy fun.  I loved it as a kid and can still enjoy it now.  While I’m plugging 80s fantasy movies I may as well recommend He-Man and the Masters of the Universe starring Dolph Lundgren. It’s not that great and fairly far removed form the cartoon but again, 80s fun.

So when the 200x line released their version of Tri-clops I could finally stop imagining Tri-clops being cool because now he was frig’n Fonzie cool.  They improved everything about this guy 10 fold.  He’s either posed like he’s ready to pounce or perhaps he’s in a defensive stance prepared to wow you with his sword-play.  The armor is great and the leather loin cloth is leaps and bounds better than the hairy shorts they all wore in the 80s.  The head sculpt on this guy is just killer.  No longer a giant square mellon with a freako mega eye staring at you but a proportioned techno-advanced battle helmet.  And the grimace on his face….I can tell this guy is mean and smart, like he’s figuring you out.  His sword can be stored on the back of his armor and he has a sword thrust feature with a button on his back which is cool and doesn’t hurt the look of the figure too much.  He also came with a spying hover-bot which he often used in the cartoons.  Fantastic. 10 out of 10.

Cyclops from KRULL

Old frumpy version


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  1. A cool figure for sure. The updated version looks great.

  2. I bought this guy, mint on card. I naturally opened it. It cost a lot. Recently the head BROKE off. I was pissed off. I thought about gluing it back on, but to do so, meant he’d loose his ‘ swivelling eye feature’. I ended up buying ANOTHER, loose figure, at a cheaper price, from a US seller…it arrived and was in a more playworn condition….I then decided to pry the unbroken head off and use it to repair my mint body version. I did that today. I am still annoyed that a mint off card toy breaks like that…I’ve seen a few on ebay with broken heads, the clear joint running through the head connecting the parts together must weaken over time….My Serpent Track Mechanek also broke on the first day I received him, he was also in near mint loose condition, his leg broke at the joint so I also had to buy another cheaply priced loose version…there certainly were some design flaws in the MOTU 200X line thats for sure….I own 22 figures in that line, Battle Cat AND Castle Grayskull….I went on an MOTU 200X binge you see….Oddly, I never liked the original toys, I wish the 200X line would come back, but with added elbow and knee articulation, but if they did that, the overall ruggedness of the toys as is will be lost intrinsically. Unlike modern G.I.JOE’s I’m less precious about these toys….they do look awesome on display though.

    • Broken toys are the worst. I have a Hellboy whose head broke off and that I had to crazy glue back into place and my Starvin’ Marvin from South Park broke when he took a tumble. I luckily haven’t had any problems with my 200X figures.

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