Lift Ticket shares a similar story with many of my Joes in that he doesn’t have much of a story at all.  Lift Ticket rarely showed up in the cartoons or comic books and when he did it was only ever to drop off other Joes with his helicopter.  Lift Ticket is the pilot of the Tomahawk which was a troop carrying ‘copter.  This troop carrying ability meant that it was necessary to include Lift Ticket and his Tomahawk in episodes to get the other Joes from point A to point B.  Wild Bill was the Joe’s other helicopter pilot but he flew the Dragonfly which was only a two-seater.  Wild bill was a Texan with a big mustache and an even bigger personality so he get all the pilot love from fans and Lift ticket is stuck playing second fiddle.  I never had the Tomahawk as a kid so I’m not sure where I even got my Lift Ticket since he was only available with the helicopter.  I must’ve scored him at a flea market or something.  Used or not, I quite liked Lift Ticket but with Hasbro forgetting to infuse him with a personality I guess I did too.  I can’t remember any notable events or heroic instances on Lift Ticket’s part in my many many hours of Joe playtime.

This is the 25th anniversary  or “modern-era” version of Lift-Ticket.  ( I explained the different versions in an earlier post so you should all know what I’m talking about)  This version does exactly what it’s supposed to, reminds me of the original but improves on it.  The outfit and color scheme are right on and his face even retains the odd smirk of the original.  The helmet fits more naturally now so he doesn’t look like such a melon head and it’s even removable which is a nice touch as the original helmet was not.  His only accessory is a knife that fits into the sheath on his leg.  A gun would be nice but I have enough loose ones kicking around that it’s not a big deal.  All in all he’s very vanilla, but I like vanilla. 7 out of 10.


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