I have a soft spot for losers;  and when it comes to the Star Wars universe you’d be hard pressed to find a bigger loser than Lobot.  I had the Lobot figure as a kid but he wasn’t much fun to play with because, as portrayed by John Hollis in The Empire Strikes Back, Lobot was a stiff bald mute.  Sure other characters didn’t talk either, like my favorite character Walrus Man, but at lease he looked cool and could grunt.  Lobot had nothing going for him.  A Hilary Clinton style pants suit with a Seinfeldian puffy shirt and mechanical earmuffs; how could you not feel sorry for this guy?  So my Lobot figure accompanied my more heroic Star Wars toys on all of their missions but he was usually the first one to get blasted or fall into the Sarlacc pit or whatever the case may have been.  I got rid of all my vintage Star Wars toys as a young teen except for maybe my 5 favorites so guess who didn’t make the cut.  That yard sale was the last I’d see of the most losery figure I’d ever owned… or so I thought.

Fast forward to 1997 when the Star Wars special editions were released into theaters to build up hype for the upcoming prequels.  Toy aisles were once again filled with Star Wars merchandise and, like the toy buying sheep I am, I had to have them all.  I bought  multiple Jar Jars for god sake.  And yes when I saw this new version of the lobotomized loser I couldn’t bear to leave him on the pegs either.  This version is an improvement  over the original but it still kinda sucks.  This toy looks much more like the actor and the shirt isn’t as puffy looking but there’s just no way to make a cool Lobot figure.

And what’s the deal with his non-commital action pose?  Lobot looks like he’s considering taking off into a sprint but I don’t see that happening.  So although the figure is crappy it is based on a crappy character ergo it is a good figure of said character. 6 out of 10.


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I'm a dude that collects toys and writes. I figured I'd combine my hobbies.

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