For those of you not familiar with Moon Knight he’s a billionaire playboy with a dark past who has a hidden lair in his mansion that houses his futuristic plane that he uses to fight crime.  Sound familiar?  Yes Marvel comics pretty blatantly ripped off Batman to create this character but seeing as I was always a Marvel kid growing up I was more familiar with Moon knight than I was the Dark Knight.  Moon Knight has never been as cool as Batman and he never will be but as far as imitations go he’s pretty cool.  The area where Batman has the biggest advantage is his villains.  Batman has a ton of cool villains where Moon Knight has none.  His arch-enemy is Bushman, a mercenary with skull make-up who never interested me all that much.  Every few years Marvel launches a new Moon Knight book but it always gets cancelled and I blame the lack of cool villains.  Moon Knight’s main advantage over the caped crusader is his mental health.  While Batman has some issues, Moon Knight is full on bat-shit crazy and suffers from multiple personality disorder which makes for an interesting read.

Moon Knight is an intriguing under-rated character but this toy is balls.  It sucks.  Bad.  In the 90s Toy Biz was producing lots of cool Marvel Super hero figures based off the popular Spider-Man and X-Men cartoons and even the not so popular Iron man and Fantastic Four cartoons.  For the first time ever there was an expansive line of Marvel figures available for purchase.  Unfortunately there was no Moon Knight.  ToyFare which was a popular toy collector’s magazine at the time remedied that by offering this mail in exclusive figure available only through their magazine.  Each month Toyfare offered a different exclusive mail-away figure from various properties usually constructed of existing parts just repainted to create unique character and looks.  Some of these frankensteined exclusive were more effective than others.  This one missed the mark.  I ordered it simply because it was the only moon Knight figure available and I didn’t know if I’d ever have the chance to get another one.  This toy is shorter than most Toy Biz figures so he hardly looks like a peer of Spider-man and Daredevil when stood side by side.  The proportions are way off and make Moon Knight look like a roided up midget.  The cape is made of cheap easily torn vinyl and does not sit naturally on the figure, I had to use sticky-tac to hold it in place.  Moon Knight wears an all white costume which is usually drawn with heavy shadows as he primarily patrols at night.  I think the all black head on this figure is supposed to give the illusion of shadowing but it just look weird.  I hate this thing. 1 out of 10.


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