I remember when the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) first came out and we used to rent it from the corner store for sleepovers.  There was no reason to rent the NES unless you were getting Super Mario along with it.  I was drawn to Toad from the get go but I couldn’t tell you why.  I guess he was cute and adorable and that held more appeal to me than a couple of plumbers in overalls.  When Super Mario 2 came out and Toad was a playable character that made me like him that much more. Then the various Mario Karts over the years solidified my love for this character and I refused to use anybody else.  His Kart may have lacked speed but it was Toad or nothing.  Then came Mario 64 which was Mario’s first foray into the world of 3D.  This game blew my mind.  My girlfriend at the time Erin had the N64 before anyone else I knew and I would bum around her place and play the crap out of that game.  I think it was the constant playing of this game that resulted in Toad finding his way into my subconscious and brought about the strangest…let’s call it a daydream, that I’ve ever experienced.  This dream paired me and Toad up on an adventure that still entertains my friends to this day.  This experience made Toad seem like less of a video game character to me  and more like a comrade.  Years passed before these Super Mario figures started showing up in stores but when they did I knew I had to track down a Toad.  I was unable to find one but my best buddy Andrew found one for himself.  I returned home from a European vacation to find Toad sitting on my computer desk.  Andrew had been feeding my guinea pig Waffles while I was away and knowing of mine and Toad’s shared history he decided to leave the figure for me as a welcome home gift.  Thanks buddy.

The figure is pretty simple but with a toy like this I’m not too concerned about articulation, his head and arms move which is all I need.  It looks like Toad and that’s all that really matters.   I never really realized how god awful Toad’s outfit was until I had him standing still on my desk but you can’t hold that against a guy who lives in the Mushroom Kingdom.  I’m sure a diaper and a vest with an exposed bare chest makes perfect sense to a guy who’s probably tripping pretty hard all of the time.  8 out of 10.


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I'm a dude that collects toys and writes. I figured I'd combine my hobbies.

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  1. I’ve always had a soft spot for Toad too, and he was by far my favourite in Super Mario 2, and was great in Mario Kart as well. He never visited me in any sort of vision however…

  2. I bought Todd originally because of the “vision” you told me about and when I knew you couldn’t find him I didn’t hesitate leaving him there for you. Glad I could get you an action figure worthy of a blog post!

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