I’m genuinely surprised how often I’ve mentioned the 1986 film, Transformers: The Movie in this blog.  It’s come up in 3 or 4 posts already I think where I mentioned how shocking it was at the time of it’s release.  The movie came out and introduced a whole bunch of new characters and wacky concepts and totally changed the face of Transformers.  What’s interesting in that The Transformers movie wasn’t quite as unique as it’s remembered to be.  There was a a G.I. Joe movie produced the same year that had a similar formula:  introduce new characters, do away with the old ones, bring in some crazy concepts and then spin a radically different type of cartoon off of the movie.  The stars of the Joe movie were all new characters who had never appeared in animated form before, Lt. Falcon, Jinx, Chuckles, Tunnel Rat, Law & Order and Sgt. Slaughter.  The movie starts out with Duke, the face of G.I. Joe and Lt. Falcon’s half-brother getting critically injured in battle.  From there it’s up to the new character’s to battle a new threat that has risen and threatens the world, Cobra-La.  Cobra-La was an ancient race of snake/bug people that had been hiding out in the Himalayans since the ice age but had now returned with a plan to mutate the humans of the world into devolved snake/bug people themselves.  It was in this movie that we learned to origin of Cobra Commander.  He was actually a snake-man Cobra-La scientist who had been sent out into the human world to conquer it for his Cobra-la ruler, Golobulus.  After a number of failed attempts by Cobra Commander Golobulus had finally decided to take matters into his own hands.  When the Joes rush in to save the day Golobulus sends his army of insect Royal Guards to stop them led by his main enforcer aptly named Nemesis Enforcer.  The aforementioned Transformers movie resulted in some major changes to the Joe movie.  First off the poor box office returns on Transformers resulted in the Joe movie not being released to theaters as originally planned and instead it was just aired on TV.  Also the fan uproar over the death of Optimus Prime in the Transformers movie convinced the filmmakers to not kill off Duke as originally planned.  A line is awkwardly overdubbed over the final scene of the Joes celebrating their victory where someone yells, “Duke came out of his coma! he’s gonna be okay!”  I did love this movie as a kid and it wasn’t nearly as jarring as the Transformers movie because no characters died but it did mark the beginning of the end of my childhood link to Joe.  The saturday morning cartoon returned after the movie but with new characters and lower quality animation.  The figures released after the movie interested me less and less and before long I was done with it.  The G.I. Joe animated movie was released on bluray recently and I would recommend any Joe fan check it out if you missed it the first time around.

As for Nemesis Enforcer, even though he was pretty far out there I kinda loved him.  This figure was released in 1987 in a 3 pack along with Golobulus and a Royal Guard.  Nemesis didn’t come with any weapons but he did come with bat wings and octopus tentacles which you could snap onto his back.  The bat wings were his distinguishing feature in the movie but I’m not sure what was up with the tentacles.  I liked this figure at the time but looking back at him he doesn’t quite hold up.  For one he’s small;  In the movie Nemesis Enforcer was a towering brute.  There isn’t much that could’ve been done there though because in the 80’s Joes were pretty much all the same size but I think they could’ve made him more muscular.  His face looks too calm;  In the movie he was scowling and growling all the time and this face does not adequately express his ferocity.  Worst of all is his dinky bat wings.  In the movie they were huge with what must’ve been a 12 foot wingspan which made for a frightening silhouette sweeping down from the sky.  The figure’s wings barely poke out from behind his back and are truly pathetic.  It’s hard to give a figure like this who I played with and enjoyed so much as a kid a low score so I’m gonna give him a 6 which is more than this figure really deserves.  6 out of 10


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