You may not recognize her but Power Girl is a character that’s older than I am.  She was created in 1976 where as I was created in 1978 (34 years ago tomorrow actually).  I’ve been buying comics since the mid 80s and even though I didn’t buy DC books I at least knew who the bulk of DC characters were.  Between the Super Friends cartoon and the Super Powers toy line I had acquired a pretty good base knowledge of the DC Universe.  I knew Wonder Woman, Bat Girl, Cat Woman, Super Girl and yet I have no recollections of Power Girl.  Part of the reason for this might be that she has a very muddled origin story and I think a lot of writers don’t know what to do with her so she gets left out of things like cartoon spin offs.  She’s basically Super Girl from another dimension known as Earth 2.  Like the Super Girl everyone knows, on Earth 2 Power Girl was sent to Earth to watch over her cousin Super Man.  Super Man arrived as a baby and grew up on Earth but his cousins in their respective universes took a longer route and didn’t end up landing until they were teenagers.  It’s not uncommon for there to be alternate realities in the comic book world.  It’s a fun device that allows you to tell stories about well known characters in unfamiliar settings that don’t affect the main story line.  Good examples of these would be RED SON a story when Super Man  crash lands in the U.S.S.R. instead of America, Spider-Man 2099 where a future Spider -Man battles corporate greed in a city filled with flying cars, or G.I. Joe vs Transformers where two unlikely groups of characters cross paths.  in 1985 DC comics decided to do away with all the mutli-verses to make things easier for readers to follow.  The published a story called Crisis on Infinite Earths where all the various Earths got merged together.  This fixed some problems but created others.  For example, now there was a Super Girl and a Power Girl who were both apparently Super-man’s cousin and shared a history despite being different characters.  Dc tried to remedy this by changing Power Girl’s origin from being a refugee from Krypton to being a refugee from Atlantis.  All seems rather confusing doesn’t it?  Welcome to comic books.  Anyway, this didn’t catch my attention and Power Girl remained a confusing background character for years.  It wasn’t until 2005 when Power Girl got to star in her own book drawn by the amazing Amanda Conner that I took notice.  Amanda Conner is a fantastic artist who keeps things fun and cartoony  but is still able to draw a very attractive female.  I was introduced to her work on the highly enjoyable series The Pro about a hooker who gets super powers.  I followed Conner to her next project which was Power Girl and she got me hooked.  I’ve been collecting Power Girl ever since and this became a required figure for my DC shelf.

This is the best Power Girl figure out there by a long shot.  It’s from the Infinite Crisis line of figures released in 2006.  Now while this figure is “pretty” she comes across as kinda butch.  The sculpt isn’t bad as Power Girl is supposed to be tough, she is from Krypton after all (no longer from Atlantis, they changed it back) but the figure is rather stiff.  The articulation is limited to just the basic joints.  I’m really hoping that a figure based on Amanda Conners art is released one day as she does a good job at making Power Girl tough but keeping her feminine which is where a lot of other artists fail.  Very good but they could do better. 7 out of 10.


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I'm a dude that collects toys and writes. I figured I'd combine my hobbies.

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