Many wrestlers I watched as a kid have passed away which is sad but none made me sadder than when I heard that Randy Savage had died in a car accident this past May.  I was at work when people started chattering about it which sucked because after a couple of quick little conversations I was supposed to get back to work as usual.  I didn’t know the man personally and I hadn’t been interested in wrestling in years but this news affected me.  It’s kinda tough to go about your mundane office work when you’ve just been told that one of your childhood heroes has died.  I was glad however to hear people talking about it throughout the building respectfully.  In the elevator a couple of guys much older than me who wouldn’t have been as young and impressionable as I was in Randy’s heyday spoke of what sad news it was and how it was a real shame.  Another childhood celebrity favorite of mine passed away a year earlier but the office chatter wasn’t so respectful of Cory Haim and people talked about it like it was a punchline.  If there’s one person in the world who understands my feelings when things like this happen it’s Doug as he grew up loving all the same stuff I did.  I called him when both of these events happened so we could quietly console each other over the phone.  Most recently I had to give Doug “the call” in August regarding Jani Lane’s passing. (lead singer of 80s hair metal band Warrant, biggest hits: Cherry Pie, Heaven)

I got into wrestling not long after Randy joined the World Wrestling Federation and he quickly became my favorite.  He played a bad guy but he had so much charisma and “style” that I just thought he was the coolest.  He was no slouch in the ring either and his epic Wrestlemania 3 match with Ricky “the Dragon” Steamboat remains the best wrestling match ever in my mind.  He later changed sides and joined up with Hulk Hogan to form the Mega Powers tag team, he married his manager Miss Elizabeth in the ring, and even did a stint as a royal when he became the Macho King.  His career was long and interesting and always fun to watch.  He gave the best interviews in the business with that signature voice and those hand gestures.  He will be missed.

This is the first Macho Man figure ever produced and still my favorite.  More modern figures have equipped him with his fancy tasseled jackets and cowboy hats which is cool but I like how simple this one is.  This is classic Macho Man.  Like all the LJN figures of the 80s this figure is a big hunk of rubber with absolutely no movement.  This suited me just fine because these figures could take some abuse, body slam off the top bunk, thrown from a swing set, Randy could take whatever I threw at him.  For these stationary figures to be fun and effective they needed to have a good pose and Macho’s was the best.  With his arms locked as they were he could piledrive or body slam his opponents loudly in the center of the ring or he could drop his patented elbow from the top rope.  I used to make myself hoarse giving pre-fight interviews in Randy’s voice to my Mean Gene figure. A great toy to honor a true Superstar. 8 out of 10.


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  1. I have the figure of Macho man on this site.

  2. If yyour nterested let me know. Anne…:-)

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