Well my birthday was 3 days ago and my girlfriend has been cursing the mailman because she  was expecting my present to have arrived on time. She  did get my favoritest movie of all time The Crow on Bluray,  a Real Steel action figure ( Midas: to be reviewed later), some Marvel PJ bottoms which feature some of my favorite characters, (Black Cat and Silver Surfer along with the usual suspects) a Jumbo bag of peanut butter M&Ms (mmmm) plus she took me out for a nice dinner and drinks.  That was plenty but she assured me that the best stuff was still in the mail.  So today when we got home from work 1 of the 2 awol packages was waiting for us.  When I saw the size of the tiny little package my heart raced.  Could it be?  Would she have?  I know I mentioned it to her before but would she have been willing to shell out the cash? It could, she would and she was.  I plowed through the packing peanuts to find before me COBRA DE ACO!

You might be wondering what the hell is a Cobra De Aco?  There are probably even G.I. Joe fans wondering that.  Well allow me to explain.  At the height of Joe’s popularity in the 80s it was a HUGE money maker for Hasbro and the toys were flying off the shelves all over North America.  Other countries took notice and jumped on the bandwagon.  Toy companies all over the world used the well known Joe molds and created their own versions of G.I. Joe.  Often times the figures were the exact same as the American releases except made with cheaper plastic and sloppier paint.  Some countries were more creative and would mix and match parts or change hair colors and skin tones to create some unique characters.  The toy company Estrela out of Brazil released Joes under the brand name Comandos em Acao and they created some of the best of all the foreign Joe mash-ups.  Since Snake Eyes was the coolest looking Joe in America it only makes sense that his mold would bring us the coolest foreign repaints.  Argentina gave us Cobra Mortal, a straight Snake Eyes repainted in red and silver and Brazil gave us Cobra De Aco, a chrome Snake Eyes head on a yellow and black re-paint of Flash’s body.  Flash had a padded protective suit because he was the Joes laser specialist so by giving this body to De Aco he became the Cobra laser specialist thus packaged with Flash’s laser and backpack.  As a kid growing up in Canada I had no idea this stuff was going on.  It wasn’t until I was all growed up and Al Gore invented the internet  that I was able to discover these lost treasures.  Cobra De Aco became a highly sought after figure by collectors which sold for hundreds or even thousand of dollars thus sealing my fate of never owning one.  Fast forward to 2011 and the era of the modern figure, taller, better, more durable and more detailed.  The G.I. Joe collector’s club decided to honor Cobra De Aco and some of his Brazilian comrades by releasing them in a special limited edition box set called Mission:Brazil which was only available at the 2011 Joe convention.  Only 550 were produced thus once again sealing my fate of never owning one.  That is until Vanessa pulled a “best girlfriend ever” routine on me and surprised me with Mr. De Aco this afternoon.

This figure is awesome.  In tribute to the original this version used the head of the modern commando Snake Eyes and the body of the modern Flash.  These   mismatched pieces look really good together and the paint scheme looks awesome.  He looks like a poisonous snake from the Amazon appropriately enough as that is where this character hails from.  The chrome head is usually Destro’s gimmick but it looks great here and manages to look unique.  He again comes with Flash’s laser and backpack which is a nice set of weapons and a cool nod to the original.  The is officially the rarest and most expensive Joe I own so I will have to find him a suitable spot on my shelf which will not be an easy task.  Totally f**king Awesome.  This figure goes to 11.

80s original

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  1. That’s a pretty cool one that I knew nothing about. Wei and I made a few mash up mutants in our day with the broken parts of other Joes.

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