How cool was the Sin City movie in 2005?  The answer of course is hella cool.  I love comic books and I love when those comic books get adapted into movies.  Some of these adaptations are great, some totally suck and others are a combination of both.  Sin City is one of the great ones.  Even though I’ve ranted before about how I hate when things get changed or lost in the translation from one medium to another ( like the loss of Bow’s mustache in my last post ) some changes I can forgive because I understand the reasoning.  Like Wolverine wearing black leather instead of yellow spandex was probably a good call.  Sandman killing Uncle Ben, not so much.  Comics don’t need to be exact adaptations to please me, they just need to be good and respectful of the source material.  Sin City  was a very faithful translation from the comics to the film and it came together fantastically.  The structure of the thing, the way a variety of short stories were weaved together to create a large scale story of a city plagued with corruption was brilliant.  A lesser director might’ve tried to change it up and make it his own where as Robert Rodriguez respected the source material enough to let it speak for itself.  He kept the color palette to an almost black and white and borrowed the sparse backgrounds and use of silhouettes directly from Frank Miller’s artwork. The unnatural clunky noir dialogue is retained to great effect.  It’s been a while since I watched it but just reminiscing about it like this I’m tempted to throw it in the DVD player this afternoon.  If you haven’t seen it you absolutely must.  Somehow every single character is a scene stealer that just begs for more screen time, Mickey Rourke, Bruce Willis, Josh Harnett, Carla Gugino, Elijah Wood, Nick Stahl, Clive Owen and more all give amazing performances.  However if none of these reasons have yet enticed you let me drop one more on you:  Rosario Dawson as Gail, an Uzi wielding dominatrix prostitute.  I had every intention of seeing this movie anyway but when I saw the posters of Rosario in her fishnets and leather well Good Golly Miss Molly, I knew I’d end up watching this one a few times.

Neca produced action figures based on the movie and they were all pretty great looking with very good likeness’s of the actors in most cases.  The only one I bothered to pick up though was Gail.  She’s posed in the stance taken directly from those promotional shots that caught my attention.   It’s a good thing that this pose suits her as there are very few other options.  Her articulation is very limited with her legs being completely stationary.  The attention to detail is pretty great with each little rivet on her bondage gear sculpted and painted individually.  Her faux-hawk style hairdo is sculpted from a softer plastic and looks quite nice the way it hangs out over her brow.  Gail comes with an Uzi and a pair of handcuffs which is all anyone needs really.  All the Sin City figures were available in color and black and white versions and I opted for the full color Gail because I couldn’t resist that sweet mocha….I better stop there, my girlfriend is gonna accuse me of having jungle fever again.                       7 out of 10.


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