Most of the  toy lines I collect originated in the 80s where they were made for the children of that generation.  Today toy companies know that those kids they hooked in the 80s are now in their 30s with disposable income and a head full of nostalgia so they cater to us making toys the way we want them, geared towards the collector.  Usually somewhere in between the golden age of the 80s and the grown-up modern age of toy collecting something went awry for many of our favorite toy lines.  Clueless toy executives always seem to think they need to re-invent the entire brand to get people interested again and that usually never works out.  Transformers had the computer animated Beast Wars (which has a large fan base but it wasn’t for me)  G.I. Joe had G.I. Joe: Extreme and Masters of the Universe had The New Adventures of He-Man.  This new cartoon series featured He-Man and Skeletor on a new futuristic planet called Primus.  The old supporting cast was replaced by a bunch of douche bags and the series had more of a science fiction theme as opposed to the swords and sorcery of the original.   I can’t speak much about it honestly as I paid no attention to it.  The figures were scrawny and the character designs were just plain boring when compared to the colorful cast of the original series.  This series came out in 1990 and lasted one season and the accompanying action figure line produced about 30 figures and a handfull of vehicles.  Nothing from this series appealed to me except for one character who I remember seeing on the pegs back in the day who looked like he might’ve fit right in with the original 80s toys.  The original line was filled a wide array of characters consisting of people, robots and beasts  so why not a giant eyeball walking around in a suit of armor.  Optikk had just the right kind of nonsensical design that appealed to me.  I never did buy that figure but always thought he was the one good thing to come out of that era of MOTU.

I guess I wasn’t the only one who thought there was some design potential in Optikk.  When Mattel started producing their MOTU classics line a couple of years ago, creating definitive figures of the classics He-Man characters they snuck pretty close to the original 80s cartoon.  However when they decided to dip into the world of the “New Adventures…” the first figure they released was Optikk.  This modern version of the character is actually pretty close to original and the only major change made in his design was fixing his proportions so that he fits in with the other figures in the line.  The character  already had a pretty solid look with a cool golden space suit complete with wires and gears and a laser gun.  The heavy armor around his “neck” makes me wonder what this guy would look like were he to step out of his armor.  Does he have a full body under there or is he just a living eyeball with some dangling veins tied into a robotic body?  Besides his gun and shield  Optikk also comes with an alternate eyeball head so you can change up the color in case you’ve got something against green eyes.  Doug gave me this guy last night at my birthday party along with a Catra which was a nice surprise.  Thanks Doug.  9 out of 10.


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I'm a dude that collects toys and writes. I figured I'd combine my hobbies.

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  1. I was pretty keen to all things He-man in my day, but I never heard of this guy (glad to hear he wasn’t from the main line). I also wonder if he has a full body. I think not.

    So was he a villain or a hero?

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